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Get Buff or Die Tryin’ with My Top 6 Personal Trainers in Auckland

Get Buff or Die Tryin’ with My Top 5 Personal Trainers in Auckland
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Not too long ago, my “fitness routine” consisted of attempting lunges while reaching for the remote. Needless to say, I looked less “beach bod” and more “beached whale.”

So, I embarked on a solo quest for sculpted glory. Big mistake. YouTube tutorials turned into contortionist acts that left me looking like a confused pretzel. 

Since then, I’ve whipped myself into shape, and after my own trial and error (and some help from the rest of the Auckland Magazine team), I’ve found the perfect trainer for me. 

But since I know others may be having the same problems, I thought I’d do a piece on the trainers I found to be best among all of my options. Today, I’ll give you my list of all the best personal trainers in Auckland and how I evaluated them.

How much does hiring a personal trainer in Auckland cost? 

In Auckland, you can expect to spend at least 20 NZD for a group session with a personal trainer and at least 50 NZD for a solo one. These prices are just estimates and will vary depending on the experience of the personal trainer and their services.

How I Chose

Personality: When looking for a PT, I took into consideration whether I needed someone who’d be in my face, pushing me to my limits, or someone more about positive vibes.
Expertise: It’s super important that your trainer knows their stuff, especially when it comes to meeting your specific fitness goals. I didn’t shy away from asking different trainers I sought out about their qualifications or how they’d helped others in my shoes. 
Type of Training: You want to love the workouts you’re going to be doing, so it’s crucial to choose a trainer who offers different workouts you like. I took into consideration the different styles of training, for example, a hard-core bootcamp or one-on-one sessions focusing on yoga or strength training. 
Communication: Being able to openly communicate with your PT is key. You want to feel comfortable enough to speak up if you’re not feeling a move or if something just isn’t working for you. So I talked with potential trainers beforehand to get a feel for how they communicated.

1. SmartFit – Personal Trainer Auckland

SmartFit - Personal Trainer Auckland's Banner

Address: 7/49 Mount Wellington Highway, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1051, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64212571801

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 5 AM to 10 PM 
  • Saturday – 6 AM to 12 PM 

Website: SmartFit – Personal Trainer Auckland

If you’re diving into the fitness world looking for something straightforward yet intense, SmartFit might just be your jam. However, just a heads up for those watching their wallets—it may not be the most budget-friendly option out there. 

I teamed up with one of their trainers, and wow, did it make a difference? We talked about what I wanted to achieve (who doesn’t dream of rocking a beach bod?) and my personal battle with not-so-stretchy hamstrings.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all plan, I got a workout that was tailor-made for me. 

And forget about navigating through a sea of gym buffs or waiting your turn for machines. The place is just the right size to keep you focused on your workout without a care in the world about who’s watching. 

Having that kind of personal space and attention? Total game changer. 


  • Straightforward, intense workouts
  • Personalised workout plans
  • Gym not so crowded


  • Not budget-friendly 

Customer Reviews

SmartFit is an amazing and well-maintained personal training studio

“SmartFit is an amazing and well-maintained personal training studio with an excellent range of equipment. The Personal Trainers here are extremely caring, knowledgeable and supportive, and make SmartFit a wonderful and fun place to train. I’ve trained with most of the Personal Trainers at SmartFit, especially Dave and Tori (who are both incredible!), and I’ve loved every minute of it! All of my sessions have been carefully planned and the Personal Trainers have worked hard to ensure every session was unique, productive and enjoyable :). Further to this, the Studio Manager, Kate, is an incredibly kind and hardworking person – she’s always looking after SmartFit members and makes everyone feel like a part of the SmartFit family. I’ve certainly noticed my confidence, happiness, and fitness improve dramatically through my time training at SmartFit – massive thanks to all the Personal Trainers here, especially Dave, Tori and Kate! I’ve loved training here over the last 18 months and I cannot recommend it enough! 5/5 stars!!!” 

Bret Dragt, Google Review

Extremely knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition

“Before I joined the amazing SmartFit I had always been intimidated by the gym. I was unfit and at a weight I was not happy with. Now I’ve never been more excited to go to the gym or do some workout at home. I still have a long way to go on my health journey but I definitely have not felt this fit since I was 12.  My trainer is Tyla and she is fantastic! She is extremely knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition. Of course she is exceptionally supportive and knows how to push you through a tough workout. She keeps me motivated all the time and helps me stay focus on my goals. All the trainers there are super duper supportive, they really do practice what they preach and overall make the whole place awesome to train at. I wish I had listened to my friend who raved about SmartFit and joined earlier, but it’s never too late to start now!”

Annabe Du, Google Review

2. Mkfitnessnz

Mkfitnessnz's Banner

Address: 540 Mount Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland 1042, New Zealand

Contact Details:+642108198900

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 5 AM to 8 PM 
  • Saturday – 5 AM to 2 PM 

Website: Mkfitnessnz

Chatting with Manik, it was super clear from the get-go that he’s not about that one-size-fits-all vibe.

When we got on the phone, he mentioned he does some in-person stuff, but his schedule is pretty packed, so he leans more towards online programmes.

You can sign up for these either monthly or yearly, and they come with workouts and meal plans tailored just for you. Plus, you get constant support from Manik and his crew. 

Honestly, the dude is laser-focused on getting you the results you’re chasing. I was all about that attitude because it kept me pumped to stick with it. 

Having tested out his programme for about a month, I’ve got to say, Manik’s enthusiasm and encouragement don’t just make the workouts bearable—they make them downright enjoyable.

Another thing that was really refreshing was how Manik isn’t about forcing you into some crazy, strict diet. Instead, he’s all about guiding you towards healthier choices that actually suit your day-to-day life.


  • Personalised approach
  • Motivational coaching
  • Online accessibility


  • Limited in-person availability
  • Subscription costs

Customer Reviews

Manik pushes me beyond my limits

“I go to a gym and do fitness classes. What I found was I was getting too comfortable with the weights. I saw MK fitness advert on Facebook and TikTok and thought let me give it a try. I have no regrets at all. Manik pushes me beyond my limits, and if he wants 12sets of a workout you better give him 12 no shortcuts or special treatment what I have found is my strength capability in general has increased. He is also very fun to work with like you don’t have that fear that what if I don’t perform well and will be penalised. Professional and outstanding as a personal trainer. Highly recommend him.” 

Anurekha Prasad, Google Review

I am glad that I chose Manik as my trainer

“I have been training with Manik for over a month now and I can say that I am glad that I chose Manik as my trainer. What I like about Manik is that he has taken time and observed what my body needs, he gets me to focus on doing the right exercises with right techniques which is very important. He is very friendly, open, respectful. He will make you feel easy and tell you all the right things to do plus he is very flexible with my schedule too. I am already seeing results. He makes me sweat hard in the gym making every session with him very rewarding. If anyone is looking to get any guidance or help to achieve your fitness goals then I would highly recommend to go with Manik.”

– Chanz64,  Google Review

3. Chris Scott Personal Trainer

Chris Scott Personal Trainer's Banner

Address: 42 Hobson Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Contact Details: +6421910868

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 6 AM to 5 PM 

Website: Chris Scott Personal Trainer

Chris mainly hangs out and trains people at Anytime Fitness. So you can sweat it out at the gym, or if you’re into doing your thing from home or wherever, Chris has got you covered with his online programmes. 

And Chris really knows how to motivate his clients to push their limits, but in a way that feels more like encouragement from a friend than orders from a boot camp instructor. I experienced this while tackling his hip mobility and strength programme online.

However, I found accessing the online programme a tad cumbersome at first, like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. A smoother, more intuitive system would have made the whole experience as seamless as Chris’s coaching.

Additionally, while I’m all for the sweat and burn, a little more emphasis on post-workout recovery techniques incorporated into the sessions would have been the cherry on top. 

Despite this, I felt like Chris was with me every step of the way. By the end of his programme, my hips felt less like rusty hinges, mobility improved, and strength increased. 


  • Flexible options
  • Effective training


  • Difficult online access
  • Lacks recovery focus

Customer Reviews

Chris hands down is the bestest trainer you’ll ever come across

“Chris hands down is the bestest trainer you’ll ever come across. I have suffered a lot health and mental issues prior to meeting Chris. He has honestly gone above and beyond to ensure my health and mental is at its best. If you are struggling with anything similar, to even feeling uncomfortable going to the gym, Chris is the best person to go to. He always makes sure you are welcomed whilst helping you reach your goals! Thank you Heaps Chris for everything!!!” 

MM II Google Review

Chris was incredibly easy to work with, he designed a fitness program specific to my needs

“I had the pleasure of training with Chris while I was staying in Auckland for the month of May. I was just completing rehab on a torn meniscus that I’d sustained while training for a half marathon, so I was definitely feeling out of shape and needed to get back into working out. Chris was incredibly easy to work with, he designed a fitness program specific to my needs, he made me feel comfortable and was very clear and specific in answering my questions and showing me correct form for each exercise. I only wish he was in New York and I could continue to train with him!” 

Lisa Smith Google Review 

4. The Active Lifestyle

The Active Lifestyle's Banner

Address: Kensington Avenue, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64212689271

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 7:30 PM 

Website: The Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle’s bootcamp is perfect whether you’re a workout warrior or someone who’s still figuring out how a treadmill works. The team really takes their time to get to know you, your fitness targets, and any hurdles you’re jumping over to get there. 

They throw in everything from pumped-up group classes that’ll make you forget you’re exercising to one-on-one sessions that focus on your personal goals. The vibe? It’s all about fun, forgetting those old-school, shouty fitness regimes. 

Whether you’ve got time to kill or are squeezing in a session between meetings (like I did), Active Lifestyle’s got you covered with workouts varying from a swift half-hour to more in-depth sessions. This flexibility is a game changer for those of us constantly running around. 

However, their classes get packed, especially the group workouts everyone wants in on. If you’re eyeing a spot, booking ahead or being ready to shuffle your schedule will save you the headache. 

Also, they’re in Mt Eden, which isn’t super convenient for all Aucklanders. So, if you’re commuting from afar, you might need to factor in some extra travel time when planning your workouts. 


  • All fitness levels
  • Fun and positive atmosphere
  • Flexible schedule


  • Classes get crowded
  • Location may be inconvenient

Customer Reviews

A big thanks to James for helping me achieve the fitness goals

“I have been training at The Active Lifestyle for over two years now. I usually do the evening session with James, which is now a part of my lifestyle. A big thanks to James for helping me achieve the fitness goals. Apart from planning and designing the training sessions, he motivates me to do better every time. Being a food lover it was difficult for me to follow a diet but James helped me with meal planning and nutrition advise, guess what…I can still eat my favourite food! Best thing is I train with a group of friends as The Active Lifestyle is more than a gym, it’s a small community where we all encourage each other to do better and bigger. Also, thanks heaps for organising the online sessions during lockdown…much needed! Thanks James!” 

Vandana Rana Google Review

By far the best personal trainer I have ever worked with

” worked with James three years ago, and is by far the best peronal trainer I have ever worked with; and three years on I still turn to everything he taught me. He helped me shift by body fat from 17% to 12% (which was better than I could have hoped for); increase my lifts by 40%, and most importantly, helped my mental health. Not only is he a great trainer, he’s a stand up humanitarian who cares for his clients well beyond the training. Plus, he great fun to work with, mostly because he is genuinely authentic and sincere. I couldn’t recommend highly enough.” 

Benjamin Western Google Review

5. Ayame Fitness



City Fitness Albany – 2 Rothwell Ave, Rosedale, Auckland
City Fitness Newmarket – Westfield Newmarket, 277 Broadway, Newmarket

Contact Details: 

Mobile: 021 261 7393
​Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours: By appointment basis


At Ayame Fitness, we were impressed by the exceptional quality of their personal training services. Our trainer provided personalized workouts that were both challenging and motivating, tailored to our fitness goals. Transitioning from initial consultation to workout sessions was seamless, with clear explanations and a comprehensive assessment of our needs.

Moreover, our experience highlighted Ayame Fitness’s efficiency in delivering results. They managed our training schedule efficiently, accommodating our preferences while ensuring each session was productive. This organized approach contributed significantly to our progress and commitment to our fitness journey.

In terms of affordability, Ayame Fitness offers competitive pricing for their high-quality training services. The cost was reasonable considering the expertise and personalized attention provided. Their flexible payment plans and package options made it accessible for us to continue training regularly without financial strain.

Facilities at Ayame Fitness are well-equipped to support various fitness routines and goals. The gym space is clean, spacious, and equipped with modern exercise equipment. The welcoming atmosphere and supportive environment enhanced our motivation and enjoyment during workouts.

Ayame Fitness stands out as a top choice for personal training services due to its outstanding service quality, efficient scheduling, affordability, and excellent facilities. Whether aiming for weight loss, strength building, or overall fitness improvement, their commitment to client success and well-being makes them a preferred partner in achieving fitness goals.


  • Effective workouts
  • Focused one-on-one attention
  • Homey atmosphere


  • No promos at the present

6. JayFit Westmere – Personal Trainer 

JayFit Westmere - Personal Trainer's Banner

Address: 40 Cumberland Avenue, Westmere, Auckland 1022, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64212397212

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 6 AM to 7 PM 
  • Saturday – 7 AM to 10:30 AM 

Website: JayFit Westmere – Personal Trainer 

Jay’s a Westmere native through and through, and his dedication to lifting his neighbours towards their fitness peak is downright infectious. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie in town or you’ve been around the block—Jay’s warmth pulls you right in.

From speaking with Jay, he’s all about personalisation, catering to fitness fledgelings and gym buffs with equal ease. He crafts each workout with your goals in mind, ensuring your sweat session is anything but generic.

And his coaching strikes the perfect balance, pushing you without pushing you away, all while keeping things so engaging you hardly notice the burn.

Sure, JayFits might not have the sprawling space or endless rows of equipment of bigger gyms, but its homely charm more than makes up for it.

With Jay being the sole trainer, you’re guaranteed his undivided attention, though it means you might have to jostle a bit for your preferred slot. 


  • Effective workouts
  • Focused one-on-one attention
  • Homey atmosphere


  • Limited space and equipment
  • Scheduling difficulties

Customer Reviews

He has helped me feel so much stronger

“Jay and I have been working together for nearly a year now, and would highly recommend him if you are looking for a trainer who is super motivating and offers a more personal approach. I had a hard time getting back into fitness after a long break, and Jay listened carefully to tailor a workout plan to suit my specific goals. He has helped me feel so much stronger and now I’m back on the path to feeling fit and healthy. Jay was also kind enough to allow my children to come along during breaks/holidays from school and set up soccer games etc which was a huge bonus! Aside from the flexibility to allow me to continue year round, It has been great for them to see Mum doing hard things! 10/10.” 

Nicole Greer Google Review 

Jay’s style of personal training  makes him stand out of the crowd

“What a great Personal Trainer! I have met a few trainers, but Jay’ style of personal training  makes him stand out of the crowd. Jay takes a keen interest in his clients’ achievement of goals. My wife Annie and I met him at different occasions and found his knowledge and expertise of high standard in the fitness industry. We experienced great training sessions also at his training centre. He trains his clients sincerely and with 100% commitment. I found him quite ethical and honest in his approach. I would strongly recommend Jay as a Personal Trainer or for your group exercise sessions such as boot camps. He will be working as a catalyst to get you fit or in your journey from Fat to Fit.”

Prabal Arora Google Review