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Our top picks for the Doc Edge International Film Festival 2019

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The Doc Edge International Film Festival graced Auckland’s Q Theatre, Auckland Art Gallery, and Ellen Melville Centre from May 30 to June 9 before moving to Wellington. 

The festival featured sixty-five international and local films that explore real-life narratives encompassing politics, human rights, culture, crime, and personal triumphs.

Our first pick is “Beyond Moving”, tracing South African ballet prodigy Siphe November’s journey through family, prejudice, and dual identities. Second on our list is “Half the Picture”, which sheds light on gender discrimination in Hollywood through interviews with renowned directors like Ava DuVernay.

In third place is “Talking About Trees”, which documents the Sudanese Film Club’s resilient efforts to revive cinema in a suppressed environment. Next is “Bathtubs Over Broadway”, a movie that unveils the forgotten world of corporate musicals. 

Fifth on our list is “China Love”, which immerses viewers in the extravagant pre-wedding photography industry in contemporary China.

Closing our list is “I Am Maris”. It’s an empowering narrative of a young yogi’s triumph over mental health challenges. 

The festival left audiences with a sense of shared community and the boundless possibilities within the art of filmmaking. It’s not just a collection of films, but an invitation to connect, emphasize, and celebrate the myriad faces of the human experience.