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Best Auckland Cafes to Get Serious Stuff Done

Best Auckland Cafes to Get Serious Stuff Done

We’ve all been there—setting up to get work done at home only to find yourself snoozing on the bed 15 minutes later. After having my fair share of failed work from home sessions, I’ve scoured the city for cafes that are more conducive to productivity. 

Luckily, Auckland is chock full of cafes with free wifi, electrical outlets, and interesting decor to chase away procastination. 

Whether you need a quiet corner or some background chatter we’ve got you covered. So, leave the home office behind and discover our curated list of Auckland’s best cafes to get down to business in. 

Explore the Brews at the Allpress Roastery and Cafe 

Media Credit: tom_wallis

Address: 8 Drake Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 9 369 5842


Hours: Open from monday to Friday from 7 am to 2 pm 

Estimated Price: $10 to $20 per person

If you’re like us and coffee is the only fuel that your brain takes, then there’s no question that Allpress’s Cafe in Freemans Bay should be your go to workspace. 

The coffee comes from their own line of beans which they have been perfecting for over 30 decades. You can opt for their classic blend for a sweet and balanced cup of coffee or go for the A.R.T. Roast for a more chocolatey taste. 

The cafe itself is filled with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee. The spacious layout and an abundance of natural light makes this cafe an ideal environment for work. The interior is decorated with timber and follows a minimalist feel for an uncluttered view. 

Pro Tip: 
Although Allpress Roastery and Cafe is mainly known for their great brews, they also feature a small menu of good food that can fill you up in between working sessions. They have breakfast plates, sandwiches, biscuits, and pastries. 

Conquer Your Tasks at Amano in Britomart

Address: 66 – 68, Tyler Street, Britomart Place, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 9 394 1416


Hours: Open everyday from 7 am to 10 pm 

Estimated Price: $20 to $25 per person

For those who are solely fueled by good food, then Amano in Britomart is the place to go for those days when you need to get some work done off site. This place goes beyond the typical cafe experience with the array of food they have to offer. 

Everything on the menu is locally and seasonally sourced, so you can expect only high quality food to inspire you to finish your work. Best sellers include their Goat Cheese Tortellini with sweetcorn and chili for the extra spring to your step. 

The ambience of the place itself is more exclusive and refined, so you can expect less rowdy crowds gathering here or chit chatting loudly inside the premises. 

Pro Tip: 
We recommend trying out items from their breakfast menus too if you’re dropping by early, like their granola and frittata. For those with a huge sweet tooth, the almond croissant and pain au chocolat are our favorites from their lineup of pastries. 

Dominate Your Workday at Bestie Cafe

Address: 179 – 183 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand



  • Open on Monday from 7:30 am to 2 pm 
  • Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Estimated Price: $20 to $30 per person

Bestie Cafe has earned a special spot on this list and in our hearts for the interior design of the cafe alone. This place is one of few places in Auckland where I can really get a lot of stuff done without feeling bored or letting procrastination take over. 

The inside of the cafe features floor to ceiling windows and even an overhead skylight built into the ceiling. These 2 design choices fill the entire cafe with loads of natural light. This paired with the wide tables make for a very work conducive location in the city. 

We suggest getting there early if you want to snag a table near the windows as those get chosen first always. They grant you a great view of the city streets outside. 

Pro Tip: 
Bestie Cafe changes their menu every season and releases it on their websites. We suggest you check it ahead of your visit to get an idea of what they have on offer for both food and drinks. Not to worry though, the items are all always good! 

Let Productivity Thrive at the Daily Bread

Address: Hayman Kronfeld Building 13 Galway Street, Britomart, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 9 217 3673


Hours: Open everyday from 7 am to 4 pm

Estimated Price: $10 to $20 per person

Daily Bread began as a small bakery who specialized in making hand made sourdough. In just a short span of time from 2017, the business has boomed with 10 branches all over the country in Ponsonby, Britomart, Newmarket, Belmont, Takapuna, and Orakei. 

Our favorite one for getting work done is the branch in Britomart. The space itself is open and doesn’t make you feel cramped or crowded. The long tables are great for when you need lots of space especially when the place isn’t that busy. 

They have more than just sourdough and offer bread now too. Our favorites are the hot cross buns and cheese buns for something to munch on while working. 

Pro Tip: 
The Daily Bread has recently added pastries to their line up and they are definitely must try items too. They have a donut of the day for $6 that changes on the daily. So, if you’re looking to add a little surprise to your day working, this is a great item to get. 

Go for an Elevated Work Day at Esther

Media Credit: chewsandviews_

Address:  4 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 9 379 9123



  • Open from Monday to Tuesday from 6:30 am to 10:30 am and 5:30 pm to 10 pm 
  • Open from Wednesday to Thursday from 6:30 am to 10:30 am, 12pm to 3 pm, and 5:30 pm to 10 pm 
  • Open on Friday from 6:30 am to 10:30 am, 12pm to 3 pm, and 5:30 pm to 10 pm 
  • Open on Saturday from 7 am to 11 am and 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm 
  • Open on Sunday from 7 am to 11 am and 5:30 pm to 10 pm 

Estimated Price: $20 to $25 per person

If you like people watching, then Esther, nestled in the heart of QT Auckland, is your go-to spot for an interesting workday. This place is located inside the QT Hotel and before you scroll right past, trust us it’s worth the reservation (Yes, you need one.)

We visited here to have brung with friends and fell completely in love with the decor of the place. The inside is so beautiful that you won’t run out of things to look at, but not so oversaturated that you lose focus. 

Plus, since it’s in a hotel, a lot of different people from all parts of the world drop by for a meal, but the place stays relatively empty during off hours in the morning and afternoon. 

Pro Tip: 
The menu at Esther isn’t typical either. If you go, you should expect to see dishes inspired by Morocco, Sicily, and France. Because they can be more pricey, we suggest ordering from the all day breakfast menu for more affordable alternatives. 

Grab Some Affordable but Great Eats at the Federal Delicatessen

Address: 86 Federal Street, Auckland City, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 21 905 345



  • Open from Monday to Tuesday from 8 am to 4 pm
  • Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 8 am to 9 pm 

Estimated Price: $20 to $30 per person

For those of you who have coffee running in your systems instead of blood, the Federal Delicatessen or more lovingly called Fed Deli is just what you’ve been looking for. This place offers unlimited cold brew for $5.5 for the entire day. 

Other than coffee, what makes Fed Deli so popular are the equally affordable snacks and meals they have on offer. They have great breakfast choices from their bagels, toasted muesli, griddle cakes, and deli hash. 

They also have great brunch menu times like sandwiches, salads, and hotdogs. Don’t miss out on some of their drinks like the ginger beer and fresh fruit juices. 

Pro Tip: 
To celebrate finishing your work at the end of the day, Federal Delicatessen also has a great variety of alcoholic drinks to cap off your work efforts. You can choose from the wines and beers they have on top or from their champagne list on the menu. 

Enjoy a Quiet Work Zone at the Honey Bones

Address: 480 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand



  • Open from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 2:30 pm 
  • Open from Saturday to Sunday from 8 am to 2:30 pm 

Estimated Price: $20 to $30 per person

If plain white spaces with minimal chances of getting distracted are what you need to really buckle down and get some work done, then Honey Bones in Grey Lynn is where you need to go. The bare walls with a few house plants make for a very clear mindset. 

The place itself is smaller than other entries on this list, but since it’s one of the more underrated places here, it also gets fewer crowds compared to the other spots we’ve covered. There’s free wifi and charging outlets, so you won’t have to worry about those. 

The no nonsense approach with the decor is reflected in the food that they serve, so it’s best if you don’t go there expecting Instagram worthy plates or drinks.

Pro Tip: 
Although the food items from the menu are presented in simple ways, they pack a punch. One of the things we’ve tried and loved is their Cilbir Eggs which are poached eggs served with Greek yogurt and chili butter on sourdough!

Pair Your Work at the Knead on Benson with Artisanal Goods

Address: 76 Benson Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 9 213 5947



  • Open from Monday to Thursday from 6:30 am to 4 pm 
  • Open from Friday to Sunday from 6:30 am to 5 pm 

Estimated Price: $20 to $40 per person

Knead on Benson was just recently opened, but it has quickly become a favorite among the locals for its vibe and aesthetics. This cafe has an artisanal feel to it. The chairs and tables outside are perfect for outdoor working spaces when the weather allows for it. 

If you prefer seating that isn’t dependent on the climate, then the seats inside are just as pretty. The interior is bright and colored in light colors that are easy on the eyes and conducive to working. Plus, the high speed wifi adds a level of convenience for you. 

There are also a lot of parking spaces that you can use in the area along Benson Road out front. 

Pro Tip: 
The food here is simple but executed well. Their baked pastries and bread are just as great as their sandwiches and pies, but we always order hot meals. We especially like their gnocchi snow peas with milk crumb, a poached egg, and pecorino. 

Have a Pet Friendly Day Working at the Kind Stranger

Address: 66 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 27 362 5581


Hours: Open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 2 pm

Estimated Price: $10 to $20 per person

Kind Stranger in Eden Terrace is another one of our favorite spots in the city when we’re in need of a location for getting work done or joint group studies. They go one step further by allowing pets so you won’t have to leave the fur babies home. 

The design of the cafe itself is inspired by the Japanese and Korean cafes that the owner and his friend, the designer, visited on their trips together. 

The food that they serve range from sweet pastries to more savory options like sandwiches and soups. They also have an array of vegan options that you can choose from like their version of the Reuben made with a special in house sauce.

Pro Tip: 
There is limited seating at the Kind Stranger, so if you don’t want to wait for other people to finish their food and drinks, we suggest heading here during less crowded hours in the early morning or right after lunch. 

Explore the Breakfast and Brunch Choices at the Notting Hill Kitchen 

Address: 162-168 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 9 373 2222



  • Open from Sunday to Friday from 7 am to 4:30 pm 
  • Open on Saturday from 7 am to 4 pm

Estimated Price: $20 to $30 per person

The Notting Hill Kitchen is a family owned and run establishment in the Parnell area in Auckland. The cafe cultivates a vibrant atmosphere, so you’re guaranteed to avoid accidentally napping while typing on your laptop. 

But what draws people to this place is their  array of fresh culinary delights. The diverse menu, coupled with impeccable service, positions Notting Hill as an ideal spot for any meal, especially for more taxing days when you need to get work done.

Best sellers here include the New Yorker omelet, the pancakes and French toast selection, and their freshly baked cookies. 

Pro Tip: 
Since the Nottinghill Kitchen gets its fair share of visitors who come to dine in and just take some food to go, we suggest sitting at the bar. That way, the crowds of people pass by behind you and don’t distract you while you work. 

Fuel Your Work Motivation with Great Coffee at Ozone Coffee

Address:  1/18 Westmoreland Street West, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 9 360 8125



  • Open from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 3:30 pm 
  • Open from Saturday to Sunday from 8 am to 3:30 pm 

Estimated Price: $30 to $40 per person

Ozone currently has 2 locations in New Zealand, one in Plymouth and another in the Auckland area. They stand out as the place to get the best tasting coffee in their area.  They prep and brew their own beans to make great classic coffee drinks. 

But, you can also try some of their more modern drinks like their V60 filter coffees. The Limoncillo is one of our favorites with notes of green apple and caramel. They also have non coffee drinks like hot chocolate or tea if that’s more of what you like. 

After grabbing your order, you can sit in one of their communal tables with friends or opt to keep your privacy by sitting in one of the booths towards the side of the bar. 

Pro Tip: 
For the days when you want to stay home or have to report to the office, we suggest getting one of their coffee kits. They sell their beans by the bags and also have some tools like grinders, aeropress machines, and coffee filters to test out yourself. 

Reward Your Hard Work with Board Games at the Remedy Cafe

Address: 1 Wellesley Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 9 377 1030



  • Open from Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm 
  • Open from Saturday to Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm

Estimated Price: $20 to $25 per person

Remedy Cafe is already a well established spot for good coffee among the locals and for good reason. They get their coffee beans from different local sources and they change it every 3 months to give their visitors some new brews to try. 

Aside from the good coffee, the food here is also up to par. We especially enjoy their acai bowls that always refresh us after hours of continuous work. The free wifi available here and cozy chairs are the perfect toppers on an already great cafe. 

After finishing what you need to, approach any of the members of staff to ask if you can borrow one of their board games to end the day with a bit of fun!

Pro Tip: 
Remedy Cafe is pretty busy during the morning rush hours when people are dropping by for a cup before heading to work. The buzz might make it hard to grab a seat or concentrate, so we suggest going here a bit after that at around 9 to 10 am.