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The 5 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Auckland for Settling That Medical Bill

The 5 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Auckland for Settling That Medical Bil
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

From car crashes that turn everyday commutes into Michael Bay scenes to doctors who forget the “do no harm” part of their oath, there are a lot of reasons you might need a savvy personal injury lawyer. Luckily for you, that’s what we’re here to find today.

With the help of the Auckland Magazine team, I found the very best options for that in Auckland. Succes rates, settlement rates, fees compared to the city average—we left no stone unturned to locate these particular professionals. Let’s go over them now!

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer in Auckland?

Most personal injury lawyers take an estimated 20% to 30% out of the settlement fee. This fee varies per company and based on the complexity of the case.

How We Chose

Experience: We wanted to work with law firms that had a solid background in personal injury cases. Obviously, they scored higher if they had a history of winning big.
Reputation and Reviews: People’s opinions matter, so we scoped out online reviews and asked different people directly about their experiences with these companies. Hearing from others who had worked with these lawyers gave us a good sense of their professionalism and dependability.
Communication: Good communication was a must. We chose law firms that made a real effort to explain things clearly and keep clients updated every step of the way.
Personality: We looked for lawyers who showed real empathy, not just a professional facade. Litigation can be a drawn-out process and an easy-to-work-with lawyer makes it more tolerable (so the client’s less likely to do something unwise out of impatience).

1. Simpson Grierson

Simpson Grierson's Banner

Address: 27/88 Shortland Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Contact Details: +6493582222

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 6 PM 

Website: Simpson Grierson

Simpson Grierson’s strong presence in commercial law and personal injury law has definitely caught the attention of many, including us. 

People we talked to cited the firm’s extensive resources and experienced teams as major strengths. Long-time clients told us the support and knowledge from Simpson Grierson were just outstanding. 

They’re apparently there to answer your calls from morning until dawn. And from what we noted, they actually break down the important fineprint some lawyers skip over.

While a few clients mentioned that the firm’s size made things feel a bit procedural, we noted it doesn’t take away from their efficiency. Overall still a solid choice!


  • Experienced teams
  • Extensive resources
  • Outstanding support and knowledge


  • Can feel procedural 

Customer Reviews

Central located with easy access to the CBD

“Attended a number of workshops, seminars and meetings, which were hosted by Simpson Grierson. Their meeting rooms have great views over Auckland and the harbour. They are central located with easy access to the CBD.”

Ralph Ellis Google Review 

Part of a global alliance of legal advisers.

One of the largest full service law firms in NZ. Part of a global alliance of legal advisers.

Mauricio Kimura, Google Reviews

2. Brookfields Lawyers

Brookfields Lawyers Banner

Address: 205 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Contact Details: +6493799350

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8:30 AM to 5 PM 

Website: Brookfields Lawyers

Talking to clients of Brookfields Lawyers showed us that their big commercial law setup works in their favour, even for personal injury cases. People really liked the mix of commercial smarts and injury law know-how. 

Quite a few said having a big firm on their personal injury case made them feel secure. And when we spoke with some of their lawyers, we liked how they weren’t condescending yet seemed to know all the answers. 

However, other feedback we got pointed out that they don’t always answer your calls or follow up on questions right away. Still, a common sentiment among many was, “they get things done,” and we think it’s an acceptable trade-off for the resources the firm provides. 


  • Commercial law expertise 
  • Sense of security
  • Knowledgeable and approachable


  • Sometimes slow to respond to calls/questions

Customer Reviews

Answered all of the questions I had

“I got amazing advice from Bruce Costain, a partner at Brookfields who specialises in corporate structuring. He answered all of the questions I had, and gave me practical advice to follow when going from a sole trader to a limited liability company with another person involved in the shareholding . Bruce explained dividend payments to shareholders and shareholder agreements. He covered pros and cons of other payout methods to each of the soon-to-be shareholders involved based on their personal tax circumstance and levels of involvement. Highly recommended!”

Jenna Milesi Google Review 

Very professional, highly recommend!

“Very professional, highly recommend! Rowan is very professional, patient, and friendly. I really appreciate his help. Front desk was also helpful. COVID-19 safety measures were properly taken.”

Melise Wan-Jhu Rosa Google Review

3. Noring Law Limited

Noring Law Limited's Banner

Address: Building 2, Level 3/61 Constellation Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand

Contact Details:  +64 9 973 0543

Operating Hours:  Monday to Friday – 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Website: Noring Law Limited

We reached out to Norling Law, and our conversation with them was reassuring. Everyone we spoke with was professional and attentive. 

Many of their clients told us that the firm genuinely cares about their well-being and works tirelessly to achieve favourable outcomes.

 A few shared how Norling Law helped them secure a substantial settlement swiftly, which allowed them to cover medical bills and rehabilitation costs. 

Others also mentioned that their lawyer was incredibly patient, always ready to answer questions and explain the legal process. 

On the flip side, we encountered some who mentioned experiencing some delays in communication. They felt updates on their cases weren’t as frequent as hoped.


  • Professional and attentive
  • Caring and effective
  • Successful cases 


  • Occasional delays in communication.

Customer Reviews

Helped to achieve the best result without causing me exta stress 

“In my recent dealings with Norling Law I was fortunate to be represented by Lucia and Wendy. Their friendly and professional manner made me feel comfortable in what could sometimes be a stressful situation. Their response to my correspondence was always timely and the advice was extremely helpful. I believe that they helped to achieve the best result without causing me exta stress and financial uncertainty.”

Eric Wood, Google Reviews

I feel much weight has been taken off my shoulders

“I’m absolutely delighted with the service, communication and empathy for my situation from start to end with Norling Law. From the initial free half hour consult with mediator/senior solicitor Wendy Alexander through to paying the bill, the advice has been professional, honest and most importantly – I received from them, the review on the task I had set, in a timely manner. The resulting recommendations of how to move forward in my situation have made me feel that I’ve been so incredibly lucky to have seen their advert on my social media (who usually says that of adverts!) after having not pleasant experiences with 4 other Law firms. I feel much weight has been taken off my shoulders for this of the action I’m having to go through. Norling Law will be my go to Solicitor’s from here on in. Thank you, especially Wendy. Sarndra.”

Sarndra, Google Reviews

4. Henderson Reeves Lawyers

Henderson Reeves Lawyers Banner

Address:  703 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026, New Zealand

Contact Details:  +6492813723

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8:30 AM to 5 PM 

Website: Henderson Reeves Lawyers

Henderson Reeves came highly recommended when we were looking into personal injury claims. 

Upon speaking with them, we felt confident in their expertise. They were detailed and very helpful in explaining the options available in pursuing a legal claim. 

Several people we interviewed said that Henderson Reeves’ lawyers are exceptional at negotiating fair settlements and providing personalised attention. 

Others were emphatic about how they resolved their cases faster than expected and with a better-than-anticipated outcome.

However, not all of the feedback we got was glowing. A few of their clients expressed frustration over the initial paperwork process, stating it was lengthy and somewhat cumbersome. 

They also felt the firm could improve in keeping them updated regularly on their case progress. 


  • Knowledgeable and helpful
  • Great reputation for settlements
  • Fast results


  • Initial paperwork cumbersome
  • Communication could be better

Customer Reviews

Everything proceeded smoothly and efficiently

“Sandra and the team at Henderson Reeves were incredibly helpful in navigating us through our legal matters. From the start everything proceeded smoothly and efficiently. Their support was exceptional, patiently addressing our inquiries and concerns while keeping us informed. Sandra’s legal knowledge provided us with confidence that our interests were well-protected throughout the process. Our experience with Sandra and the team at Henderson Reeves was nothing short of outstanding.”

Hull Trading Co Google Review

Super professional and awesome service

“I have received Henderson Reeves’ services more than once. I found their service highly professional and communication greatly responsive. The lawyers and staff were friendly. They listened to me patiently. A super happy client here. Super professional and awesome service at a reasonable price. “

R Maharjan Google Review 

5. Schmidt & Peart Law

Schmidt & Peart Law's Banner

Address: 1 Robert Street, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64 9 636 6010

Schmidt and Peart Law is all about accident compensation law, and it seems like they’ve got a pretty solid reputation. At least from what we gathered. 

Some clients mentioned that from day one, they could tell they really knew their stuff about accident claims. Others said they totally took the hassle out of a tough situation, handling their case with real professionalism and genuine kindness. 

However, when we tried calling them for an initial consultation (and others had this issue too), we noticed longer-than-expected response times. Still, many clients told us any delays were completely offset by their meticulous attention to detail. 


  • Experienced in accident claims
  • Professional and compassionate
  • Thorough and detail-oriented.


  • Longer response times

Customer Reviews

I regret that I didn’t ask their help earlier 

“I strongly recommend schmidt and Peart Law, Phil is the main person helped us win the case and Meredith assist us all the time with admin process effeciently . I just regret that I didn’t ask their help earlier but still not too late , their business deserve 5 star rating and service . They offer the best price made us comfortable and afforable .Thank you Phil , Meredith and everyone at Schmidt and Peart Law ” 

lin lin Google Review 

Always supportive and kept me informed regularly

I was up against ACC and was at the end of the road when Hamish took on my case with the help of Southern Cross. It was a stressful situation but Hamish was always supportive and kept me informed regularly.  It took two years but we won in the end and ACC granted my treatment injury thanks to Hamish and his team.

Corinne Tribe Google Review