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Auckland’s new sustainable cafe guide

Auckland's new sustainable cafe guide

Seeking the perfect sustainable cafe involves discerning establishments that go beyond mere gastronomic pleasures. 

These four cafes serve as beacons of environmental responsibility, advocating for sustainable practices in sourcing preparation, and waste management.

Topping the list is Kokako. Renowned for its organic coffee, vegetarian delights, and extensive sustainability initiatives – including divesting 12,000 kilos of waste annually – this cafe is a winner.

Following closely is Food Truck Garage, a legend born from transforming junk food into healthier alternatives. Their commitment to fresh local ingredients results in over 30,000 vegetarian and vegan meals annually, setting a benchmark for sustainability.

Ripe Deli, a go-to haven for sustainably crafted treats, offers an innovative take-out menu with recyclable packaging and a focus on local ingredients. Selling a staggering 750,000 vegan and vegetarian meals each year, Ripe Deli makes a substantial impact on waste diversion.

Completing the top four is Mondays, an aesthetically pleasing, vine-covered haven in Kinsland that was founded by wholefood legends. Mondays champions a menu celebrating natural ingredients, emphasizing sustainability with over 6,000 vegetarian and vegan meals annually.