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New Flavour brings some new flavours to Dominion Road

plate of Japanese gyoza, dumplings snack , with soy sauce
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Dominion Road’s culinary scene welcomes the revised New Flavour, a transformed Chinese restaurant combining chic aesthetics with an enticing menu. 

The Renaissance, unveiled in April, introduces a refined ambiance with minimalist black and white decor, polished wooden flooring, and contemporary dark wooden tables and chairs. 

Central to this gastronomic revival is the streamlined menu – condensed to a single page featuring the top 30 dishes. Despite this, New Flavour remains true to its roots, offering over 200 dishes, and presenting patrons with an extensive yet refined selection.

The stars of this culinary show are undoubtedly the dumplings. Served on a sizzling hot plate, they showcase a delicate balance of flavors, with options ranging from boiled to. The menu also extends its embrace to pancake dishes and tantalizing taro in a hot coffee for those with a penchant for desserts. 

Whether dining solo, with a companion or as a part of a group, New Flavour’s revamped space accommodates all preferences. The added allure of the BYO drink option enhances the overall dining experience, allowing guests to complement their meal with their preferred beverages.