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5 Places to Try Strawberry Picking in Auckland

5 Places to Try Strawberry Picking in Auckland

Auckland is surrounded by stunning beaches (beaches in auckland – row 3) and islands, making it a great summer destination. But don’t just limit yourself to sunbathing on sandy shores; add some berry-picking fun to your summer bucket list!

If you love strawberries or have kids who just can’t get enough of them, check out these farms and have a fun day picking your own sweet and juicy strawberries! Some even offer heavenly real fruit ice creams!

Good Planet & ZaberriWorld Adventure 

Distance from Auckland CBD: 20 minutes

Address: 340 Riverhead Road, Riverhead 0892, New Zealand


Contact details: +64 9 412 8933, +64 9 412 8933

Strawberry picking season: October to May

As one of the largest berry growers in New Zealand, of course, there’s just no way Good Planet won’t make it on the list. With an array of berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, and more, the farm lets visitors fill their own buckets!

The farm offers a pick your own strawberry service that allows visitors to indulge in a fun berry-picking activity from October to May, with an entry price of $5 per person (free for kids under 5). Strawberry buckets can cost $19.50 to $27, depending on the weight.

Goof Planet is also home to ZaberriWorld Adventure Park, where you can bounce on an inflatable obstacle course, race down a Zorbing track, slide down a mega slide, jump on trampolines, and so much more!

Pro Tip: Come early since the place is popular, and you might have a hard time looking for a parking spot. Additionally, advise your kids or friends to eat while picking strawberries because the $5 entry fee includes an eat-all-you-can berry benefit!

Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens

Distance from Auckland CBD: 20 minutes

Address: 464 State Highway 16, Kumeū 0892, New Zealand


Contact details: +64 9 4127329, 

Strawberry picking season: December to early February

Phil Greig’s Strawberry Gardens was first opened in 1990 and has since become a trusted farm for Auckland locals craving tasty strawberries. With a pick-your-own strawberry option, the farm has also become a must-visit place for families.

Open every day from December to early February, the entry fee for strawberry picking in this berry haven is only $6.50 per adult (free for kids aged 10 and under). Plus, at just $8.50 per kilo, you can take home all the strawberries you picked. 

After a fun day picking strawberries, have more fun at Phil Greig’s Strawberry Gardens shop and enjoy some tasty treats made from real fruit. From ice cream and hand-crafted gelato to smoothie and yogurt, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Pro Tip: Wear a hat and lots of sunscreen! The strawberry field can get really hot in the afternoon, so bring some water too to keep yourself hydrated. 

Clevedon Strawberries

Distance from Auckland CBD: 40 minutes for the Clevedon location and 34 minutes for the Ardmore location

Address: 291 Monument Road, Clevedon 2582, New Zealand, and 217 Alfriston-Ardmore Road, Ardmore 2582, New Zealand  


Contact details: +64 21 0256 9037

Strawberry picking season: October to mid-January

Clevedon Strawberries boasts not only an impeccable selection of hand-crafted artisan vinegars, jams, spreads, and glazes but also two beautiful strawberry patches, offering visitors a memorable strawberry-picking adventure.

Pick your own strawberry option, which is available in both locations of the farm from mid-spring to mid-summer, usually from October to mid-January. The price per kilo of strawberries depends on the season, so always check their Facebook page for updates!

But if you miss the prime picking season for their berries, the farm’s shop still offers a generous supply of fresh and juicy strawberries. Plus, the shop has some to-die-for strawberry ice cream and waffles you shouldn’t pass on!

Pro Tip: Come as soon as “pick your own” is available to score the best and biggest strawberries! You might not be able to find big berries if you wait until January. 

Zaknich Farms A.K.A Zakberry

Address: 125 Waitakere Road, Waitākere, Auckland 0782, New Zealand


Contact details: [email protected] 

Strawberry picking season: Depends on the availability of the strawberries

Zacknich’s strawberry picking season is usually a lot shorter than other farms, but if you catch them while they’re open, you’re in for a real treat! You get to roam around the farm’s spacious strawberry patch and take home some of Auckland’s sweetest berries!

As if sweet and big strawberries aren’t enough to make it one of the best strawberry-picking destinations in the city, Zaknich also doesn’t charge entry fees to its visitors! You only have to pay for what you pick (which isn’t usually that expensive).

If you get tired while choosing your own berries, a small farm store near the patch offers delicious ice cream, jams, coffee, and other cold drinks you might like.

Pro Tip: They usually accept EFTPOS payment, but there are days when it isn’t available, especially when strawberry picking is only available for a few days. Best to bring cash or message them first if you really want to pay via EFTPOS. 

Jimmy’s Ice Cream & Strawberries

Distance from Auckland CBD: 25 minutes

Address: 221 Airfield Road, Ardmore 2582, New Zealand


Contact details: +64 9 296 0892, [email protected] 

Strawberry picking season: Depends on the availability of the strawberries

Jimmy’s Ice Cream & Strawberries is more well-known for its tasty real fruit ice cream, especially its strawberry ice cream. However, Jimmy’s is more than just a small ice cream parlour in Ardmore; it’s also the ultimate strawberry-picking destination!

As soon as their juicy strawberries are ripe for picking, the farm opens its doors to visitors eager to pick their own strawberries. No entrance fee is required as Jimmy’s will only charge based on what you picked from the field.

The recent addition of the farm’s Max and Daisy’s eatery, located next to its strawberry patch, makes Jimmy’s the perfect family date destination. The cafe offers an array of tasty meals, such as pancakes, waffles, burgers, chicken wings, and so much more!

Pro Tip: They usually hold a competition for the largest strawberry picked in their field, so make sure to look carefully for the largest and heaviest strawberry you can find!