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Grapes and bites: What are the top food and wine events in Auckland? 

Grapes and bites What are the top food and wine events in Auckland

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to eat and drink? If you’re nodding along, then Auckland is about to become your new favorite destination. This city’s got a food and wine scene that’ll make your inner foodie (and wino) sing with delight.

Forget those bland supermarket snacks and questionable takeout – we’re talking about events where flavors explode, glasses clink, and good times roll. So, grab your stretchy pants, and let’s dive into the best food and wine events this city has to offer.

Auckland’s Food Events

Summer at the Sky City

Media from skycityakl

Location: Corner Victoria and Federal Streets, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of event: January to March 

Contact: +64 9 363 6000


Think of Summer at the Sky City as your culinary passport, where the iconic tower transforms into a hub of gastronomic delight. It celebrates the warmer weather with flavors from its renowned establishments – think Cassia, SkyBar, The Sugar Club, and more.

Auckland’s food scene pulsates with creativity and diversity, and Sky City amplifies this with its summer celebration. This is where premium dining meets the unexpected and it’s all within one iconic location. 

And remember, this city is a wonderland of flavor. From hole-in-the-wall gems to high-end culinary experiences, your foodie journey extends far beyond the festival and into the heart of the city.

Food of the Sun

Media credit to denizenmagazine

Location: 4 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Date of event: October to March 

Ticket price: $85 per adult

Contact: +64 9 379 9123


Forget a mere food festival – Food of the Sun embarks on a luxurious culinary cruise through the sun-kissed Mediterranean! Think lavish lunches where you’re swept away on a journey of flavors, a ‘grand food tour’ of iconic destinations.

Imagine the vibrant zest of the Amalfi Coast, the luxurious indulgence of St. Tropez, and the lively spice of Marrakesh – it’s all on your plate! 

Here, chef Sean Connolly invites you into a world of elevated and honest fare that’s brimming with the spirit of these idyllic spirits. It’s a multi-course adventure served up with lashings of wanderlust, and the best part? No passport is needed for this delicious voyage!

Bivacco Sunday Summer Feast 

Media from bivacco_nz

Location: 115 Customs Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Date of event: Every Sunday

Price: $75 per adult

Contact: +64 9 801 6505


Bivacco’s Sunday Summer Feast is the cure for boring weekends. Think of it as a giant, delicious Italian family reunion where everyone’s invited. For $75, you’re diving headfirst into a feast of epic proportions. 

Here, you’ll get a taste of plump oysters, juicy prawns, tuna tartare, Island salmon, ribeyes, roasted vegetables, salads and more. And the grand finale? A dessert station partnered with Amano Bakery that’s basically a sugar-fueled paradise.

This event is an experience. A kind that leaves you grinning from ear to ear and dreaming of doing it all over again next Sunday. 

Auckland Fried Chicken Festival 2024

Media from friedchickenfestival

Location: 203-271 Victoria Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Date of event: February

Price: $15 per person

Contact: [email protected] 


Forget just satisfying a craving – this is a celebration of that glorious golden crunch and endless flavor possibilities. Here, the city’s finest chefs and hidden gems are going head-to-head with their fried chicken masterpieces. 

Think classic Southern-style, fiery Nashville Hot, and seriously creative twists inspired by Korea, Japan, and beyond. And hey, there’s no such thing as a festival without ice-cold brews from Behemoth Brews, refreshing Pals, and other thirst-quenching options. 

Auckland Fried Chicken Festival is where you’ll make legendary fried chicken discoveries and leave with a seriously satisfied grin (and maybe a few crumbs on your shirt). 

The Village Market at the Helensville A&P Show

Media from helensvillehoney

Location: 63 Railway Street, Helensville 0800, New Zealand

Date of event: Every third Sunday of the month

Contact: [email protected]


The Village Market at the Helensville A&P Show is a celebration of local flavors and country spirit! Set foot inside, and you’ll be greeted by the aromas of freshly baked goods, small-batch sauces, and other treats crafted by passionate artisans. 

But the party doesn’t stop! The Village Market is nestled within the iconic Helensville A&P Show, adding a whole layer of rural charm. Thinky lively livestock competitions, impressive craft displays, and the wholesome energy of a true-blue country show.

Valentine’s Dinner “Never trust a skinny chef”

Media from wanderwynyard

Location: 2 Madden Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Date of event: February

Price: $40 to $65 per person

Contact: +64 9 300 7292


This event is for foodies who crave an unforgettable culinary experience with a side of playful rebellion. Here, you can ditch the predictable menus and embrace a multi-course feast masterminded by award-winning chefs known for their daring flavors. 

Expect dishes like ‘Beetroot Remixed’ that’ll make you rethink that humble veggie, or the ‘Deconstructed Black Forest Cake’ guaranteed to have you swooning. Of course, each course is expertly paired with top-notch New Zealand wines. 

Burger Nation

Media from burgernationnz

Location: The event spans across New Zealand

Date of event: January to March

Contact: [email protected]


Burger Nation is all about celebrating the deliciousness between those glorious buns. Think of it as a burger bonanza where top chefs and beloved burger joints go head-to-head with their most creative and mouth-watering creations.

You’ll find juicy, perfectly seasoned patties, inventive toppings like kimchi or truffle aioli, and buns so soft they feel like a warm hug. We’re talking gourmet burgers, nostalgic classics, and maybe even a few wild-card creations that’ll send your taste buds on a joyride. 

And what’s a burger bash without a side of crispy fries, local craft brews like Sawmill Brewery, and live music to set the perfect vibe? This event is where you’ll arrive hungry and leave with a burger-fueled grin and a whole new appreciation for this timeless culinary icon.


Media from africaday_aotearoa

Location: Aotea Square, Aotea – Te Papa Tū Wātea, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of event: February

Contact: [email protected]


At AfroFest, you can savor smoky Nigerian suya skewers, tangy South African chakalaka, and the pillowy goodness of Ethiopian injera. But hold on tight, because this festival is about to turn up the volume!

Here, you can turn up the volume and lose yourself in the irresistible pulse of Amapiano and Afrobeats spun by Auckland’s hottest DJs – Ara Chan, Bunker, Banty, Massimo, and even Sydney’s Adechoon. 

You’ll get swept away by the rhythmic power of Black Sunday’s dance and drumming performances. And don’t worry about running out of steam – food trucks will keep you fueled for this all-day celebration. 

Farm Dinners with Everybody Eats

Location: Kelmarna Community Farm, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of event: February

Price: $135 to $1,350 per person

Contact: +64 21 856 884


Farm Dinners with Everybody Eats is the kind of food festival that leaves you feeling seriously good. Think of long tables under the stars at Kelmarna Community Farm, the air buzzing with laughter, and the amazing smells coming from the kitchen, 

They also serve up a 4-course feast (and maybe even some extra surprise!). They take perfectly good food that would normally go to waste and transform it into culinary magic. 

Add in a few drinks, and some laid-back tunes, and you’re in for a night that’ll leave you full and inspired. Best part? Every bite helps you support Everybody Eats’ mission to fight food waste, poverty, and isolation. This one’s a winner all around.

Bottomless Brunch at Rooftop at QT

Media from urbanlistnz

Location: 4 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Westhaven, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Date of event: February

Price: $99 per person

Contact: +64 9 379 9123


Bottomless Brunch at Rooftop at QT exists to make your weekends legendary. This stylish rooftop setting with those iconic Auckland views is just the beginning. Here, you can dig into a Mediterranean feast – a curated selection of tapas, vegetarian paella, and other surprises.

But the best part is their beverage package. For two glorious hours, the sangria, Aperol spritzers, bellinis, mimosas, and crisp rosé keep flowing. It’s a nonstop celebration of flavors, laughter, and pure indulgence.

Casa Bacardi pop-up

Media from wynyardpavilion

Location: 204 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Date of event: December to February

Contact: +64 9 366 3948


This pop-up is a playground for your tastebuds. Think Bacardi 4-year rum, Bombay Sapphire, Grey Goose, and Patrón Tequila… they’re masterfully blended into classic and refreshingly modern tropical cocktails.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Fried coconut squid, zingy ceviche, and decadent dulce de leche donuts create vibrant flavor pairings for your drinks. 

And for the ultimate summer indulgence? Casa Bacardi embraces ‘foursies’ – that golden hour when you trade work for a soul-reviving cocktail. Their signature foursie is a spritz bursting with mānuka honey, lemon juice, sparkling blood orange, and a generous splash of Bacardi rum.

Wine events


Media from winetopianz

Location: 171 Halsey Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Date of event: June & July


  • General admission – $47 per person
  • Premium ticket – $87 per person
  • VIP experience – $100 per person

Contact: You may contact them here


Think of Winetopia as your backstage pass to New Zealand’s coolest wineries. From zippy Sauvignon Blancs that’ll make your tastebuds dance, to rich Pinots that are smoother than velvet, this is where you’ll find your new favorite bottle.

But this event is about the whole vibe. As part of the awesome Elemental AKL festival, you’ll get a side of art and culture with your wine. You can check out the stories behind those fancy labels with ‘Wine Art with CCL Label’ and soak up the atmosphere with live music.

With over 50 boutique wineries pouring their best (that’s over 250 wines!), you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy. And hey, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, the exclusive Gaggenau Sommelier Sessions are like a crash course in food and wine.

Sunsetter Food, Wine & Music Festival

Media credit to djreminise

Location: North Harbour Domain, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of event: January


  • General admission – $59 per person
  • GA Group tickets – $54 per person
  • VIP admission – $145 per person

Contact: +64 21 649 100


Sunsetter Food, Wine & Music Festival is your pass to a chilled-out summer paradise filled with the best live music (both local and international stars!), delicious food, and enough incredible wine to make any connoisseur swoon. 

The festival is crafted as a multi-sensory experience, promising an atmosphere unlike any other. With a superb collaboration of the best international and local acts, wineries, breweries, spirits, cocktails, and food vendors.

Plus, if you’re feeling a little fancy, the VIP experience is your key to exclusive perks. You can relax right beside the main stage, complete with bathrooms, exclusive beverages, and a complimentary souvenir to take a piece of the magic home with you.

Urban Wine Walk Auckland

Media from urbanwinewalk

Location: Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of event: February


  • Vino lover – $82 per vino

Contact: +64 21 649 100


This festival throws out the rulebook and turns the city’s coolest bars and restaurants into your wine-tasting trail. Here, top-notch wineries like Loveblock, Rockburn, and Church Road take over the taps and are ready to pour delicious samples and share their stories.

Your $82 ticket snags you a snazzy tasting glass, a beverage voucher, and a trusty guide to keep your adventures on track. Consider this your chance to ditch the crowds, embrace the city’s energy, and create a uniquely fun wine-fueled experience with your best vino-loving pals.