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Rad Rinks: Top Skateparks in Auckland

Rad Rinks Top Skateparks in Auckland

Auckland is a large city that is home to many people of varying interests and hobbies. That’s why it’s no surprise that the city has a large skateboarding community that actively plays and promotes the sport.

Auckland boasts a vibrant skateboarding scene with its rich variety of indoor and outdoor skateparks scattered across the city. 

Let’s discuss the most amazing ones and see why you should pay them a visit, whether you’re a seasoned skater or just starting out.

Victoria Park Skate Plaza

Photo credit: edgarvasquezgonzalez

Address: 20 Beaumont Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Our first destination, Victoria Park Skate Plaza, is a vibrant urban oasis for skateboarders. Located on Beaumont Street, its rich history and skater-designed features make it a beloved spot for both amateur and pro skaters. 

There are plenty of tricks you can pull off here, as the plaza boasts quarter pipes, a half pipe, and a concrete bowl. There are even some ledges, gaps, and stairs you can tackle if you’re feeling a bit adventurous. 

The best thing about this place is its electric and vibrant atmosphere, which makes it a great place to watch and socialise with your fellow talented skaters. 

Beyond the skatepark, Victoria Park also has plenty of greenery and open spaces where you can relax and enjoy a delicious meal after an exciting skateboarding session.

Pro tip: After having a fun time in Victoria Park Skate Plaza, you can check out a couple of cool attractions close by, like Victoria Park Market, Sky Tower, and the decommissioned rubbish incinerator known as the Destructor.

Waterview Skatepark

Photo credit: jacobunny

Address: 17 Waterbank Crescent, Waterview, Auckland 1026, New Zealand

Contact details: +64 9 301 0181

Waterview Skatepark is one of the newest skateparks you’ll find in Auckland. Designed by Rich Landscapes and opened in 2016, this place has quickly become popular among skateboarders thanks to its modern features. 

The park features banks, ledges, rails, and a bowl, all set on smooth concrete surfaces. The lack of any uneven or rough surfaces here reduces the risk of sudden stops and unexpected jolts, leading to an overall safer skating experience.

Furthermore, Waterview Skatepark boasts a well-developed lighting system that makes it a great spot to do some night skating. Overall, it can be said that you’ll definitely always have a fun skateboarding session here, no matter your skill level.

Pro tip: There’s a wharenui (Maori hut) next to the nearby playground that’s open to all visitors. You can take a quick rest here during an extremely hot day or a sudden rainstorm.

Owairaka Skatepark

Photo credit: scott_cowell

Address: Owairaka Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025, New Zealand

Contact details: +64 9 301 0101

Owairaka Skatepark, located on Owairaka Avenue, is well-loved for its diverse mix of obstacles. It was designed by Jason Parkes, a highly skilled skatepark designer with over 39 years of experience in skateboarding.

He crafted this park to pose a good challenge to advanced skateboarders while also keeping it accessible for beginners. The highlight of Owairaka Skatepark is its spacious bowl, where skateboarders can catch some air to perform cool tricks.

The park also features street-style obstacles like rails, banks, and ledges. One of the coolest obstacles you can try here is the bump-to-launch ramp, which requires some serious skill to master.

Pro tip: Owairaka Skatepark is still worth visiting even if you don’t do skateboarding. That’s because it has a well-maintained spectator’s area where you can relax and enjoy the sight of skateboarders pulling off neat tricks.

Marlborough Skatepark

Photo credit: eiseitoyota

Address: Archers Road, Glenfield, Auckland 0627, New Zealand

Marlborough Skatepark is one of the most iconic places for Auckland’s skateboarding community. Located in Glenfield, it was built in the 1970s and is one of the city’s oldest skateparks that is still open today.

Throughout the decades, this park has undergone major renovations, with the latest in 2020. Today, it can be considered a concrete paradise as it offers a variety of features, including quarter pipes, rails, banks, and ledges.

Its bowl is also big enough to allow skaters to perform some cool tricks while in the air. If you’re up for some challenge, Marlborough Skatepark also has a three-metre wedge that requires serious skill and effort to use.

Pro tip: If you want to enjoy a relaxing picnic in Marlborough Skatepark, there are plenty of picnic tables available on the northeastern side of the park!

Randwick Skatepark

Photo credit: girlsskatenz


Address: 32 Riverton Drive, Randwick Park, Auckland 2105, New Zealand

Contact details: +64 9 267 9870

Randwick Skatepark has a fascinating history worth knowing. Once a crime hotspot, the place underwent a massive transformation thanks to a $5.3 million investment by Auckland Council.

Thankfully, the project was successful as Randwick Skatepark transformed from a place where shady elements linger to a lively activity hub filled with peppy kids zipping around on their bicycles and skateboards.

Most parts of the skatepark feature street-inspired obstacles like stairs, ledges, and rails. It also has a quarter-pipe ramp where skaters can practice awesome tricks like axle stall and backside 5-0.

Aside from the skatepark itself, Randwick Skatepark also has a community centre where its skateboarding community hangs out and hosts events from time to time.

Pro tip:
Are you a complete beginner in skateboarding? Don’t worry because Randwick Skatepark regularly hosts skateboarding coaching sessions where people of varying skill levels are welcome!

To learn more, you can either visit their website or one of their social media pages, like Instagram.

Birkenhead Skateboard Park

Photo credit: boardertown

Address: 46 Mahara Avenue, Birkenhead, Auckland 0626, New Zealand

Contact details: +64 27 901 8722

Birkenhead Skateboard Park, located on Mahara Avenue, is a vibrant skateboarding haven. This park offers a variety of features and obstacles that both amateur and expert skaters wouldn’t want to miss! 

This recently refurbished skatepark has pyramids and grind ledges that test your balancing and skateboard grinding skills. It also has a couple of quarter pipes where you can get some air and practice your vertical skills.

Additionally, Birkenhead Skateboard Park has a skate bowl for practising air tricks and transitions. 

All of these amazing features and obstacles are complemented neatly by the lush greenery that surrounds the park. So not only will you be able to work on your skateboarding skills here, but you can reconnect with nature too!

Pro tip:
This skatepark is a part of the Birkenhead War Memorial Park. 

If you’re interested in learning more about New Zealand’s history, the nearby War Memorial Hall honours the brave New Zealanders who laid down their lives to defend the United Kingdom in both world wars.

Browns Bay Skate Park

Photo credit: ricklkiwi

Address: 17 Manly Esplanade, Browns Bay, Auckland 0630, New Zealand

Contact details: +64 9 301 0101

Our next skatepark, Browns Bay Skate Park, is situated on the northern edge of Auckland City. It became known as a popular hub for local skaters looking to hone their skills and connect with other enthusiasts.

Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of features and obstacles, like quarter pipes, rails, and ledges. The park also boasts a mini ramp where you can get some air to perform a couple of advanced tricks.

However, the best thing about Browns Bay Skate Park is its beautiful seaside location. Throughout your skating practice, you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing view of the Hauraki Gulf and the nearby islands of Rangitoto Island and Motutapu Island.

Pro tip:
The fastest way to get here from the Auckland CBD via public transit is by catching a NX2 bus from Albany Station and then alighting at Smales Farm. From there, you’ll need to ride a Route 83 bus to the East Coast Bays Library.

Once you reach the library, it will only take you a 6-minute walk to reach Browns Bay Skate Park. Overall, the entire trip will take you an hour at most.

Papakura Skatepark

Photo credit: wellness.riders

Address: Elliot Street, Auckland 2113, New Zealand

Contact details: +64 9 301 0101

Next on our list is Papakura Skatepark, an impressive skatepark located on the southern edge of Auckland City. It didn’t enjoy much publicity until the local Papakura council renovated this place in 2018.

Today, its total size has doubled, and it now features a vast array of obstacles and challenges skaters of varying skill levels will enjoy. A couple of particular challenges that you’ll encounter here are quarter pipes, rails, and a skating bowl.

Another good thing that came after the major renovation of Papakura Skatepark is that it’s now entirely made of smooth concrete. The reduced vibration and better grip allow skaters to perform more tricks and practice their skateboarding skills easily.

Pro tip: Papakura Skatepark is just one of the many sports facilities you’ll find in Ray Small Park. If you want to try out other activities as well, the park has a half-court for basketball and footpaths suitable for jogging and light exercises. 

Valonia Skate Park

Photo credit: jacobunny

Address: 2 Valonia Street, New Windsor, Auckland 0600, New Zealand

Contact details: +64 9 301 0101

Opening hours: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM (MON-SUN)

Valonia Skate Park, located in New Windsor, is made famous by its visually distinctive features inspired by New Zealand’s volcanic landscapes. Opened in 2017, this park was made by the city council in collaboration with the local community.

This skateboarding haven is designed to accommodate a high volume of skaters with its wide, open spaces and lengthy obstacles. 

In particular, it features lava-coloured terraces and a varied terrain that includes bowls, quarter pipes, and rails. 

Overall, I can definitely say that this is one of the more challenging skateparks you’ll find on the list. If you’re an intermediate or advanced skater up for some challenge, this is the one skatepark you shouldn’t miss!

Pro tip: Valonia Skate Park is one of the most visually impressive skateparks in Auckland. Make sure to bring a camera with you to capture the park’s impressive landscape and its equally impressive skaters!

Barry Curtis Skatepark

Address: 169 Ormiston Road, Flat Bush, Auckland 2016, New Zealand

Contact details: +64 9 301 0101

Opening hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MON-SUN)

Barry Curtis Skatepark, located in Flat Bush, is a highly popular destination for skateboarders in Auckland. It was named after the former mayor of Manukau City, Barry Curtis, in recognition of his immense support in the development of this park.

This skatepark features a variety of obstacles and ramps designed to cater to skaters of beginner and intermediate skill levels. Some of its noteworthy features include bowls, wedge ramps, handrails, and grind boxes.

It even has a couple of manual pads where you can practice your technical skills and improve your balance. Furthermore, all surfaces in this skatepark are made of smooth concrete, so you’ll definitely enjoy a smooth skateboarding experience here.

Pro tip: Please remember that while Barry Curtis Skatepark is accessible 24/7, it can only be used for skating until the early evening. That’s because the park is in the middle of a residential area.