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Ukraine named the sexiest country in the world, America comes in at 45

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In a global survey by Big Seven Travel with 1.5 million respondents, Ukraine has proudly claimed the title of the world’s sexiest country. Following closely were Denmark, the Philippines, Brazil and Australia, forming the elite echelon of global desirability. 

And if you’re wondering why Ukraine topped the list – we have one name for you: Mila Kunis. 

Many people may also wonder why Denmark is on the list, but it’s actually understandable, given the contribution of supermodel Josephine Skriver to the world of beauty. 

Surprisingly, the United States found itself in a rather modest 45th place. This position raises eyebrows and it’s worth questioning the criteria behind the ranking. Anyone who doubts the appeal of American beauty may have not seen enough Western models and celebrities. 

The diversity and attractiveness found in every nook and cranny of the U.S. defy the ranking’s simplicity. 

Despite the global competition, dismissing the diverse and captivating beauty of the United States seems unjust. Every nation contributes its unique charm to the global mosaic of attractiveness, and the American piece remains undeniably rich.