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The Top 5 Life Coaches in Auckland to Empower Your Life

The Top 5 Life Coaches in Auckland to Empower Your Life
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Even the most grounded Aucklander can start questioning their life choices. Not too long ago, I found myself burned out, perpetually stressed, and convinced my goldfish was judging me. 

Enter the world of life coaching. I was ready for a change – and to turn my life into a motivational Instagram post after success! 

Well, it did not go that way. My first life coach had more crystals in his office than a chandelier factory. In fact, he spent the entire session asking me to “connect with my spirit animal” while burning what I’m pretty sure was a questionable mix of incense. 

Needless to say, since then I’ve done my research on life coaches in Auckland with the help of the Auckland Magazine team. After weeks of searching, I’ve compiled our picks in a list of the city’s best life coaches. 

So if you’re looking for a life coach in Auckland, here’s a list of the ones who will actually help you navigate this crazy thing called life.

How much does a life coach in Auckland cost?

In Auckland life coaches generally charge an hourly rate of at least 40 NZD. This rate will vary depending on experience and the niche of the life coach.

How We Chose

Click Factor: This one’s kind of like dating. You have to feel a good vibe! We paid attention to how comfortable it was to open up to the selected life coaches and if their coaching style resonated with us.
Know-How Cred: Sure, some experiences speak for themselves, but certifications from legit organisations like the International Coach Federation (ICF) show they take their craft seriously.
Goal-Getter Guru: We weren’t searching for someone to tell us what to do. We wanted a coach who could help us uncover our own goals and then hold us accountable for crushing them.
Results Speak Louder: We spoke to past clients to see what they had to say. We wanted to see if their experiences aligned with what we were hoping for.

1. Eclipse Life Coaching

Eclipse Life Coaching's Banner

Address: 5G/6 Princes Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64 27 349 2520

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours


Kris is all about getting real results. He gives you all the tools and strategies you need to achieve your goals. 

Now, while many think his no-woo-woo life coaching approach is great, others might like a more lenient coach. 

Either way, he offers a free consultation. This is a fantastic opportunity to chat with Kris, discuss your situation, and see if he’s a good fit for you without any commitment.

Busy schedules? No problem. Kris is happy to meet you elsewhere in the city, or even virtually, if you’re outside of Auckland. 

This flexibility makes it easy to fit coaching into your life, no matter how hectic things get.


  • Achieve goals faster
  • Flexible sessions
  • Free consultations 


  • Strict

Customer Reviews

Helped me focus on my values and goals, and develop a clear vision for my future

“I reached out to Kris during a challenging time in my life when I was facing redundancy after 6 years with the same organisation. His guidance proved invaluable as it helped me find the silver linings in my situation, focus on my values and goals, and develop a clear vision for my future. I found the 8-week program to be effective and enjoyable, providing me with practical techniques to maintain my focus and continue my growth. If you’re looking for a coach who is approachable and offers sensible, practical tools for self-improvement, I highly recommend Kris.

Carla Gilmour Google Reviews 

Gave me more clarity and purpose in my life

“ I would recommend Kris to anyone looking to gain more clarity and purpose in their life. I have recently completed the 8 week life empowerment programme. With guidance from Kris I now feel like I know exactly what I want from my life and how I am going to go and make this a reality.

Nic Fitzgibbon Google Reviews 

2. Evelyn Kelly Life Coach

Evelyn Kelly Life Coach's Banner

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours 


Evelyn’s all about building unshakeable self-belief. Many we’ve spoken to have loved her focus on ditching the inner critic and embracing their true selves.

Her positive energy was contagious, and they left their sessions feeling like they could take on the world.

What we ourselves liked about Evelyn was that she has a clear framework that combines mindset work with practical strategies. It’s grounded and actionable, perfect for folks who want to translate those “a-ha” moments into real-life changes.

And her podcast: it’s a goldmine! We loved listening to her chat with inspiring guests and dropping knowledge bombs in between. It’s a fantastic way to get a taste of her coaching style before diving in.

While Evelyn’s focus on ambitious women is great, some we talked to felt like her coaching could benefit from a bit more customization. If you have a super-specific goal, you might need to do some additional legwork on your own.


  • Bombtastic podcast
  • Practical strategies
  • Builds unshakeable self belief


  • Coaching lacks customization 

Customer Reviews

There’s been massive shifts in my life since starting 

“Today I had my final coaching session with my coach Evelyn and Wow. to say there’s been massive shifts in my life since starting with Evelyn would be an absolute understatement. People have commented on how different I seem and how my energy feels different and I know it’s because of the internal work I have done with the support and guidance of Evie. If anyone is looking for a coach to support them with inner critic work, confidence, people pleasing, owning who you are and living out your dreams then Evelyn is your coach! A massive thank you to Evie, I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to do the deep work without you by my side, I am so incredibly grateful for you and our series working together

Aleisha Johnston Google Reviews

Gave me a boost of self-love and inspiration 

“I’m so glad I did life coaching because it gave me a boost of self-love and inspiration to chase the visions I really needed at that point in my life. Evie was an unwavering source of support and encouragement with a perfect

balance of challenging questions and heartfelt words of motivation. For a young soul, Evie is wise and impactful and I’m grateful for her being part of my journey.”

Ashleigh Gilchrist Google Reviews

3. Courage and Confidence Coaching

Courage and Confidence Coaching's Banner

Address: 4/78 Coates Avenue, Orakei, Auckland 1071, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64 210 338 666

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday – 7 AM to 7PM 
  • Tuesday to Friday – 7 AM to 8 PM 


Courage and Confidence Coaching specifically targets women looking to up their game.

Their programme’s focus is on building a strong mindset and achieving personal development goals. So, I virtually met with Lorna, the brain (and heart) behind the operation.

Lorna’s warmth, approachability, and enthusiasm for helping women truly shine was contagious. I liked that her coaching style wasn’t just about feeling good (although that’s important too!) but about taking concrete steps towards the life you want.

And this isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. Lorna works with each of her clients to understand their specific needs, challenges, and what they’re hoping to achieve.

While Lorna’s programme is fantastic for women, Courage and Confidence Coaching doesn’t currently offer programmes specifically for men.

Another thing I noted too is that Lorna is a popular coach, and her schedule can fill up quickly. So be prepared to be flexible with your session times.


  • Women focused life coaching
  • Not a one-size-fits all program


  • Schedule fills quickly
  • No programs specifically for men 

Customer Reviews

Absolutely loved the 8-week Breaking Barriers course

“ I completed the 8-week Breaking Barriers course and absolutely loved it. Lorna was amazing. I was rather apprehensive prior to beginning as it was very much out of my comfort zone, but she made me feel so comfortable and at ease immediately. Lorna helped me identify areas/barriers (including several I didn’t even realise were significantly impacting my life!). She gave very helpful advice, support, and tools that I continue to use every day. I was genuinely so surprised by the positive changes that have come from the sessions I had with Lorna. I couldn’t speak more highly of Lorna and her coaching and would recommend Courage & Confidence courses to everyone!”

Talia Rouhonen Google Reviews 

Worthwhile investment for myself and my business

“ It has been a precious journey with Lorna. I chose to work with Lorna because I felt that she is genuine, kind and professional. What I discovered more of was that she was also flexible with what I wanted to achieve and let me intuitively working on some aspects of my business that cannot be rushed. I really appreciate her accountability and challenged me to think out of the box. It was an amazing experience to compare myself prior to working with her and me now being confidence with my business. Knowing that I have made a worthwhile investment for myself and my business by working with Lorna. Thank you so much. :)”

Chanika Belcher Google Reviews 

4. Career Space – Career Coach Auckland l Holly Rees l Career Coaching Expert

Career Space - Career Coach Auckland l Holly Rees l Career Coaching Expert's Banner

Contact Details: +64 21 882 270

Operating Hours:

  •  Monday – 9 AM to 4PM 
  • Tuesday to Thursday – 9AM to 5PM 
  • Friday – 9 AM to 4PM 


If you’re feeling stuck in your career rut, Holly’s coaching might be the right fit for you.

We observed Holly’s coaching sessions, and she really forces you to dig deep into what makes you tick, what kind of work environment you thrive in, and what kind of impact you want to make. 

Some we spoke to afterwards told us they felt a renewed sense of purpose and direction, which we thought was awesome.

We also noted that Holly was super supportive and encouraging. Many we observed felt comfortable opening up and sharing their anxieties, and Holly provided insightful guidance without sugarcoating anything.

While we loved the coaching itself, we thought scheduling could be a bit more flexible. Holly’s availability seemed limited, especially for those of us juggling busy work schedules. Having some evening or weekend appointments would be a big plus.


  • Career coaching
  • Supportive and encouraging


  • Tight scheduling

Customer Reviews

I 100% recommend Holly to anyone who feels a bit stuck

“Holly is an amazing careers coach. She provided amazing, personalised coaching sessions. I feel a lot more positive, focused and goal orientated about my career. She gave me great confidence, excellent advice on CV, interview practice and most importantly completely changed my way of thinking not just for my career but general life. Thank you Holly. I 100% recommend Holly to anyone who feels a bit stuck, want some coaching on where to go next in their career. I’ll definitely be in touch with Holly again in the future.”

Jacinta Peers Google Reviews 

Holistic approach to your work life 

“I had a wonderful experience with Holly. I highly recommend her as a career coach, particularly if you’re looking for a more holistic approach to exploring not just your career, but how your work life connects with your personal life and values. I got so much value from the experience. As others have said, Holly is a natural and gifted coach.”

Gemma Bird Google Reviews

5. Em Tyler | Life Coach

Em Tyler Life Coach's Banner

Address: 33 Rawene Road, Birkenhead, Auckland 0626, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64 20 447 7440

Operating Hours: 

  • Thursday & Friday – 9AM to 9PM
  • Saturday – 9AM to 5PM


Em’s coaching sessions are built on the foundation of faith. So, if you’re not religious or looking for a more secular coaching style, Em might not be the best fit.

But as we spoke with Em, she explained to us that her methods aren’t just about faith. She focuses on helping people connect their goals and aspirations with their spiritual journey. 

We found her coaching style to be empowering. We particularly liked how she uses scripture and prayer as tools for self-discovery and motivation.

From what we were told, she’s helped many identify limiting beliefs and roadblocks so they could move forward with confidence. With her, it’s less about checking boxes and more about achieving true personal freedom.

And let’s face it, sometimes coaches can feel a bit…intense. But we liked how Em puts her clients at ease from the get-go.

The sessions we observed felt more like conversations with a supportive friend than with a drill sergeant.


  • Spiritual journey coaching
  • Identifies limiting beliefs
  • Calm from the get-go


  • Only religious based life coaching

Customer Reviews

Gentle and inspiring, joy-filled teaching

“ I, Leon’s wife, Pam, found Em’s gentle and inspiring, joy-filled teaching helped me immensely, as she brought this necessary spiritual-psychological understanding right to the foot of the cross with the gospel song “Piece by Piece”. I am now finding God reminding me to simply rest, rejoice and be refreshed in His peaceful and loving presence, rather than feeling agitated to learn more, be more and beg excessively each time I pray. I believe I am beginning to “turn north”, having “circled this mountain long enough”, as Em quoted from Deut 2:3. I believe that the simplicity of your presentation at Believe The Best last Saturday, and humility in which you gave it, were important factors, Em. Thank you SO much, Em, for doing this work of faith! May God bless many with His healing touch through this work.”

Leon Joubert Google Reviews 

Em’s teaching on transforming your mind was life changing

“Em’s teaching on transforming your mind was life changing. We explored our thought process and how important our thoughts truly are. Her handouts/graphs/charts made this concept even easier to understand. The entire group remained interested until the end of the presentation. This group is 10/10 an amazing idea… and Em is an all-around incredible woman!”

Reagan Constant Google Reviews