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Mercury Plaza is opening an-exhibition

Mercury Plaza is opening an-exhibition
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In a poignant farewell to Auckland’s culinary cornerstone, Mercury Plaza, renowned for 25 years of gastronomic excellence, bids adieu with a transformative art exhibition just months before yielding to the City Rail Link. 

This iconic food court, a cultural institution since 1994, has undergone a metamorphosis orchestrated by fourteen Chinese artists. 

“Mercury Plaza: Origins and New Beginnings” is a testament to the enduring legacy of a place that has not only served delectable delights but also etched itself into the collective memory of patrons, including the All Blacks. 

The exhibit encapsulates the Plaza’s history and future, with co-producer Jia Lio expressing a desire for visitors to perceive beyond labels. A notable feature involves paper-mache balls, each concealing objects that will be ceremoniously broken apart, symbolizing both closure and a nod to ancient Chinese traditions. 

As nostalgia mingles with anticipation, artist Ruth Woodbury muses about the new face of Auckland City. 

The show, running for a month, captures the essence of Mercury Plaza before its October closure, inviting patrons to savor not just the diverse cuisine but also the narratives and emotions ingrained within its walls.