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The 5 Best Advertising Agencies in Auckland Making Legends Out of Brands

The 5 Best Advertising Agencies in Auckland Making Legends Out of Brands
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Choosing an advertising agency is like that scene in The Bachelorette where 20 hopefuls try to impress one person. There’s flash, there’s charm, and there’s often a dude who shows up in a ridiculous costume.

Your job is to cut through the noise and find the real winner—the one agency that’ll make your brand the star of the show. Not easy, we know.

Luckily we’ve learned how to avoid running into sketchy advertising companies with high-cost, low-impact campaigns. 

So if you’ve been racking your brain trying to come up with advertisements that work, we got you—here’s our list of all the best advertising agencies in Auckland that are verified for absolute success. 

How much does it cost to hire an advertising agency in Auckland? 

If you plan on hiring an advertising agency in Auckland, expect to spend at least 150 NZD per hour. This price is just an estimate. The price will vary depending on the campaign size, experience of the agency and if there’s any extra fees. 

How We Chose

Creativity: Creativity is the heart and soul of advertising, right? So, we peeked at each agency’s portfolio, hunting for that spark of originality and innovative campaigns that stood out in a crowded space.
Results: Agencies boasting outstanding success stories and, better yet, tangible ROI for their clients shot straight up our list. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about moving closer to being viral.
Reputation: We sleuthed around, gathering opinions to gauge each agency’s reputation. Those praised by clients and peers alike for their stellar work and reliability made it onto our list. 
Collaborative: We looked for agencies known for their collaborative spirit and adaptability—a bunch that’s not just about the sales pitch but genuinely invested in making your brand shine.

1. YoungShand

YoungShand's Banner

Address: 13 Blake Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Contact Details:+64 9 282 4680

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday – 8 AM to 6 PM 


From what we’ve gathered, YoungShand is a go-to for ambitious brands eager to stand out. We’ve heard all about their knack for blending traditional media with all the latest digital tricks from some of their former clients. 

So we had to see what they were all about for ourselves. We liked how they don’t just throw a bunch of ads out there.

They focus on creating campaigns that actually resonate across all channels. They get that most people aren’t looking for the same old approach, so they’re all about crafting strategies that are tailored just for their clients.

However, if you’re part of a more established brand used to the traditional ways of advertising or you need someone to handle a massive, complex campaign, YoungShand might not be your best bet. 

They’re agile and quick on their feet, which is great. But they might not have the sheer manpower some might need for larger-than-life projects.


  • Fresh and innovative
  • Customised campaigns
  • Digitally savvy
  • Agile team


  • Not for traditionalists
  • May struggle with massive projects

Customer Reviews

Right from the start of the process they just got the brand and what we were trying to achieve 

“I was lucky enough to work with the Y&S Team in 2019 on a full website redesign and rebuild. Right from the start of the process they just got the brand and what we were trying to achieve with the new site. They always presented a range of solutions to choose from and acted quickly on feedback with clear communication through out. Together we created a site that we are all extremely proud of and one that continues to attract more then double the traffic of the previous site. I would highly recommend Kat, Ryan, Tymon and the team.” 

Sam&Jude Walter Google Review  

Our media effectiveness improved significantly under their management 

“I worked with YoungShand for 3 years when I was Marketing Director of Max Fashions. They took care of our digital media buying, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Google Shopping. Our media effectiveness improved significantly under their management and they ran a tight, efficient process to track results and amend strategy and placement to deliver continuous improvement. They regularly suggested new technologies, and helped us implement them. We also worked with them on digital strategy and projects, and found they had a great team of experts to draw on, whatever the challenge.” 

Rachael Allison Google Review 

2. Bluelight Digital Marketing Agency Auckland

Bluelight Digital Marketing Agency Auckland's Banner

Address: 149 Wairau Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64 9 887 9499

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours 

Website:Bluelight Digital Marketing Agency Auckland 

Bluelight Digital Marketing Agency advertising services are best for companies that already have existing sales status.

After speaking with Nick, one of Bluelight’s reps, we noted that they’re big on Google Ads, which is perfect for catching those ready-to-buy eyes. And the rest of the team knows their stuff, as evident by their clients’ tailor-made campaigns. 

We also liked their whole data-driven vibe. They’re all about sharing progress and insights, which is great for keeping tabs on how things are shaping up. Plus, they have a refund guarantee—a total lifesaver.

However, they’re pretty much all-in on PPC. We get that it’s their bread and butter, but some we spoke to wished they implemented advertising strategies that complement long-term visions.

And PPC isn’t cheap even if we’re not pinching pennies, so it’s something some might have to seriously think about.  


  • Specialise in Google Ads
  • Data-driven approach
  • Refund guarantee


  • PPC focus 
  • Need existing sales 

Customer Reviews

For anyone looking for some serious Google Ads specialists

I have tasked Bluelight with a comprehensive setup and management of our company’s Adwords campaigns. We have only worked together for a short period of time but their performance has already exceeded all our expectations. I’m looking forward to working together long-term and I highly recommend the team at Bluelight to anyone looking for some serious Google Ads specialists.”

Hugo Phillipps Recur Transport, Google Reviews

Has been instrumental in generating leads and increasing sales

“Nick and the team at Bluelight is the best decision we made for our business. Nick produced definitive and solid google ad results and has been instrumental in generating leads and increasing sales. I would highly recommend his services to all existing and new business start-ups. The growth of our business is due to the superb ad campaign development and the account management provided by Bluelight. Thanks Nick!”

Limited Licence Solutions, Google Reviews

3. Contagion 

Contagion's Banner

Address: 84-86 Franklin Road, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64 9 551 3480

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 6 PM 

Website: Contagion 

Contagion is a great pick for any business looking for a blend of strategy and creativity. They’ve got a solid track record for hitting the mark with their campaigns, using both digital and good old traditional channels effectively. 

We’ve observed their creative spark and how they come up with concepts that really make you stop and think, or even get a chuckle out of you. 

Whether it’s a video or a digital ad that’s cleverly done, their former clientele have seen their sales shoot up the roof (and even showed us their verified stats).

Instagram, billboards, you name it – Contagion does it with ease, ensuring the ad message reaches far and wide. Others have commented on how their ad storytelling pulls at the heartstrings, making sure the story behind your business is told.

However, quality comes at a price, and they’re not shy about theirs. It may be a bit steep, especially for smaller shops on a tight budget. 


  • Digital and traditional advertising
  • Creative thought-provoking concepts
  • Skilled in diverse platforms (Instagram, billboards, etc.)
  • Effective storytelling 


  • Pricing can be high 

Customer Reviews

Excellent creative abilities and account management

“I have worked with Contagion over many years through various businesses and have always found them a fantastic, well resourced full service agency. They are detail focused and fully immerse themselves in the brands they are representing. Excellent creative abilities and account management.”

Emma Smith Google Review 

The campaign was quirky, engaging and hit the target audience well 

I first got introduced to Contagion when I was doing advocacy for the whio (blue duck) and wanted to run a campaign to drive engagement during whio awareness month. The campaign was quirky, engaging and hit the target audience well – not easy when you are talking about a duck! (even if it is a special duck). Now I’m working on wellbeing and cut through is tough. Again they managed to put a really good twist on a campaign – yet to see the results but I’m hopefully. Creative and different is what I would call the folk at Contagion.

Jenny Burke Google Review 

4. Numero Agency

Numero Agency's Banner

Address: 4A/51 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand

Contact Details: +6493903997

Operating Hours:  

  • Monday to Thursday – 8 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Friday – 8:30 AM to 3 PM

Website: Numero Agency

Many we talked to raved about how Numero shines when it comes to pulling off smart, data-backed social media campaigns across the big platforms – think Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Other clients felt like they knew exactly how to pitch their ads so they’d click with the target audience at the perfect moment. And from the results shared with us, boy, did we see an uptick in brand visibility and those sweet conversions.

Chatting with them ourselves, it was clear they’re all about keyword research and strategy, especially for Google Ads. They aim straight at those high-intent searches, placing ads in front of eyes that are not just browsing, but ready to jump at what is offered.

And they’re always tweaking their client ad campaigns to drop the costs per click and ramp up results. But heads up, Numero is on the pricier side, and it’s all about swift optimization with these guys, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. 


  • Smart, data-backed social media campaigns.
  • Strategic ad pitches for maximum audience engagement
  • Improvements in brand visibility and conversions 
  • Constant adjustments to ad campaigns 


  • Expensive
  • Strategy heavily relies on rapid optimization

Customer Reviews

Super friendly and professional, and they do a great job with our Google ads

“We have enjoyed working with Pannah and Ashley from Numero Agency. They are both super friendly and professional, and they do a great job with our Google ads. We have seen improvement in our online store in a short amount of time.”

Daily Organics, Google Reviews

The results are excellent so far

“Numero have recently taken over our Google Ads and SEO Campaigns. In this short space of time the results are excellent so far and I am very happy I made the switch.  Thank you to Gus initially, for helping me at the beginning and getting us on board (and for your regular check ins) and also to Liam who has taken over our account and ensures it all runs smoothly and explains everything clearly when we have our meetings.  Look forward to working with the team and seeing the results as time goes by.”

Bay Creamation Care, Google Reviews

5.  Adcelerate Ltd. 

Adcelerate Ltd.'s Banner

Address: Level 1/18 Northcroft Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand

Contact Details:+64 9 972 0652

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM 

Website: Adcelerate Ltd. 

We had a chat with Kev, one of the reps at Adcelerate Ltd. They specialise in Google Ads and know how to craft ads that resonate with Kiwis and on an international scale. 

Others we spoke with had volumes to say about their intense competitor research and straight-forward audience targeting that kept bringing in results. 

However, their pricing structure had us scratching our heads a bit, wishing for more clarity on costs and what the ROI could look like. And we’ve heard they lag when it comes to quicker response times and could use clearer communication during campaigns. 

Also, their focus seemed to be on larger clients, which is understandable, but we couldn’t help but wonder if smaller businesses might find it tricky to adapt with them for more experimental, budget-friendly campaigns.


  • Google Premier partner
  • Decade of experience to the table 
  • Thorough competitor research
  • Effective audience targeting


  • Confusing pricing structure
  • Response times can be slow
  • Appear to favour larger clients

Customer Reviews

Kav and his team have done a great job on our Google Ads Campaign increasing our clicks massively 

“Such great people to work with, quick, efficient and informative. But also very kind and patient too. Kav and his team have done a great job on our Google Ads Campaign increasing our clicks massively and therefore our enrolments. Because of this we chose them to build us our new website and it was the best choice. Such a smooth and easy process communicating with Kav making any changes we need here and there without any issues/complaints. Gabby and Scott have been amazing too! Definitely recommend looking at these guys to support you!” 

Grow ECE Google Review 

We keep in regular discussions to tailor what works best for me

“Have had adcelerate design my website and run my Google ads for over three years now. After struggling to do this myself and deciding its better for me to stick to what I’m good at and hire the expertise in this area, I haven’t looked back. We keep in regular discussions to tailor what works best for me. Will be continuing to use their services for the foreseeable future.”

– Hamish Gleeson-Long, Google Reviews