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The 5 (Tried & Tested) Best Financial Advisors in Auckland to Put on Speed Dial 

The 5 (Tried & Tested) Best Financial Advisors in Auckland to Put on Speed Dial
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Growing or securing wealth is a lot like trying to get the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube—it generally requires strategy, effort, and maybe a little bit of help. 

If you’ve got visions of dollar signs dancing in your head but your financial planning game lacks strategy, you’re in the right place. We’ve got the lowdown on the best financial advisors in all of Auckland to take your financial planning to the next level.

How much does it cost to hire a financial advisor in Auckland?

Most financial advisors in Auckland charge a flat rate consultation fee of at least 200 NZD. Others charge by commission, so you’d pay what you invest essentially. This is just an estimate, of course, and rates or policies vary.   

How We Chose

Communication: We wanted an advisor who could explain things clearly and tailor their advice to our financial goals, not theirs. We also considered whether we could trust and talk openly with them about our financial situation and goals.
Reasonable fees: We looked for financial advisors with a fee structure that was transparent and felt fair for the value they were providing.
Accepted insurance – Eye examinations and surgeries are costly. We chose the doctors that are covered by specific insurance programs. 
Honesty: Financial planning is as personal as it can get, so it was important to us to find an advisor that displayed honesty in their financial dealings with former clients. 

1. Diamond Property & Wealth Ltd

Diamond Property & Wealth Ltd's Banner

Address: 35C Corunna Road, Milford, Auckland 0620, New Zealand

Contact Details:+64 9 368 7524

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5:30 PM 

Website:Diamond Property & Wealth Ltd

If you’re all about property investment and KiwiSaver, DPW’s your spot. But if you’re craving advice on stocks, bonds, or international investments, you might want to keep looking – their menu is pretty focused on the things we mentioned.

Anyway, Maria at Diamond Property & Wealth was a financial wizard for us, making the confusing world of money much easier to understand and even fun in a consultation. The company promised a coaching approach right from the start, and they nailed it.

During our consultation, we got a financial plan that felt tailor-made for us, diving into everything from cutting down debt to navigating the property market and sorting our KiwiSaver.

And they didn’t only focus on the shiny bits of investment but also on helping us get smarter about our entire financial setup. Comprehensive and tactical – hard to dislike.


  • Debt reduction and KiwiSaver guidance
  • Holistic financial approach
  • Engaging and helpful consultation


  • Limited focus

Customer Reviews

Maria has an unwavering commitment to her clients’ best interests

“Maria was recommended highly to us by a friend. Engaging her services to develop a 10-year strategy for our financial freedom turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made. She took the time to thoroughly understand our financial goals, risk tolerance, and aspirations for the future. She provided sound advice on investments that aligned perfectly with our long-term plan. Maria has an unwavering commitment to her clients’ best interests. She consistently followed through on all aspects of our financial plan, never dropping the ball on any task. It was evident that she genuinely cared about our financial well-being and worked tirelessly to ensure our success. This level of personalised attention and care made us feel valued as clients and strengthened our trust in her expertise. We can wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking a reliable and skilled advisor who goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve their financial goals.” 

Lien – allnewadventures Google Review  

She was with us in each step in the process giving us expert advice 

“Maria is just amazing and I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to start their investment journey. She was with us in each step in the process giving us expert advice which gave us confidence to do this investment. Best thing about Maria is her attention to detail to every aspect, the wrap around service recommendations (broker, legal and property management) came in very handy and they were excellent in their services, combine this with no hidden fees everything was straight forward so we knew we were in the best of hands. I never thought we will take this step especially in this current high interest rate market but now I am excited of what’s to come and I am sure we will be going with Maria for any other investments we do in the future. I absolutely recommend Maria if you want to start your own investment journey :)” 

Sheena mudaliar Google Review

2. Lighthouse Financial Services Auckland

Lighthouse Financial Services Auckland's Banner

Address: 41 High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Contact Details:+64 9 320 4947

Operating Hours: Monday to Wednesday , Friday – 8:30 AM to 5 PM 

Website: Lighthouse Financial Services Auckland

Diving into the world of finance with Lighthouse Financial in Auckland was a breath of fresh air. They laid out everything in clear, engaging terms during our free discovery call.

They listed step-by-step tips on guiding us in everything from home investments to building smart savings for the future. Sure it was helpful, but sometimes the flood of information felt overwhelming, like drinking from a firehose.

And as great as their advice is, ponying up $2000 for their financial plans seemed a bit steep to us. Sure, a few clients of theirs we spoke to likened it to buying a pass to chill out when it comes to messy money matters… but we’ll stick to listening to their podcast for now.

Anyway, they also have family office finance plans, offering VIP treatment to manage your wealth with top-notch precision. For those who can swing it, it’s like having a financial genius at your beck and call. 


  • Clear communication
  • Actionable advice
  • Family office plans available
  • Financial literacy podcast


  • Overwhelming information overload
  • High-cost financial plans

Customer Reviews

They promptly came up with a customised plan to achieve our financial goals

“James and Mike are doing a great job in their endeavour to help kiwis enhance their financial literacy through their podcast. We were convinced that we would be in safe hands when we decided to switch to them over a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far. They promptly came up with a customised plan to achieve our financial goals with specific actionable steps based on our situation. We used their mortgage services for our investment property and we have also started using their team for our accounting needs. Highly recommend the entire team.”

Sharath Prakash, Google Reviews

We feel that this is the best money we have ever spent

“After listening to a podcast earlier in the year (Keep the Change) focused on looking at how much you will have each week when you retire, I did some research into what our finances would look like after retirement.  The trajectory we were on was not great and so I reached out to James at Lighthouse Financial. We feel that this is the best money we have ever spent, James and the team have worked hard to give us a plan that sets us up for a secure retirement, with regular meetings to hold us accountable to the plan.  James and his team have gone above and beyond when our situation changed and we needed help with insurances, a new house purchase and self employment.  We got way more out of this relationship than we ever expected and now we feel set for the future! Could not recommend this team more!!” 

Carolyn Kennedy Google Review

3. Ungaro & Co Financial Advice for Everyday People

Ungaro & Co Financial Advice for Everyday People's Banner

Address: 301/28 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64 9 360 2179

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 Am to 5 PM 

Website: Ungaro & Co Financial Advice for Everyday People

Ungaro & Co mixes professional advice with a personal touch that’s quite rare in the finance world. We had a quick free call with Darcy, a financial advisor there, who gave me a good snapshot of what they’re all about. 

They mainly focus on educating their clients. They’ve got online courses and podcasts that are gold mines for anyone looking to get smarter about their finances. However, some people might prefer more direct help with managing their investments. 

Still, from what former clients have shared with us of their 2-hour strategy sessions, Darcy and the team really took the time to understand their financial goals and map out a plan right then and there, showing them a clear way forward. 

But the cost of these strategy sessions might not be in everyone’s budget, and then there’s the fact that they don’t hold your hand through the actual implementation of the plan.


  • Personalised approach
  • Free online courses and podcasts
  • 2 hour financial strategy sessions


  • Doesn’t actively manage investments
  • Hands-off implementation

Customer Reviews

Darcy gives very good advice financially and is a likeable, genuine, sincere person

“Very good advice financially and a likable, genuine, sincere person. Darcy is very professional and he treats your time as just as valuable as his is. He has educated himself in lots of different avenues of financial advice and tries to give you an overall perspective from all the objective viewpoints so that you can make the best decision for yourself. You can tell he cares and takes the time to understand your situation and find your best possible paths forward in the direction you choose. I would definitely and have recommended working with him to understand your financial options better to improve your financial life.

His podcasts are also great as well…!

Thanks again, Darcy!” 

Cristen Poole Google Review  

Darcy’s been enormously generous with mapping a path for me

” I’ve known Darcy for over a decade and he arranged a mortgage for me previously, but I’ve only really taken advantage of what he has to offer in the past couple of years. I’d neglected any sort of financial plan and Darcy’s been enormously generous with mapping a path for me (while also helping me navigate a somewhat stressful property situation). He’s helped me with both mortgages and a longterm plan. He will challenge you in the best possible way, shine a light on options you will likely not have been aware of, and best of all push you to educate yourself (he’s also very generous with resource; his podcast a treasure trove of topics). Wealth, health and age can be confronting topics and he’s adept at providing clarity in an area that at first can feel dauntingly complex. And it’s all delivered with a certain je ne sais quoi and wit. I’m planning on working with Darcy for many years to come…And then there’s Carley. Again, I’d been complacent with my insurance for years. Carley guided me through the process, evaluated my situation and painted an option that was both more affordable and more comprehensive all the while providing reassurance and patience (I was somewhat nervous about the move). And then she went completely out of her way to make it happen. Like, really really out of her way… I was super impressed and very grateful.

I’m not shy about recommending both of them to my friends and colleagues: Ungaro & Co. is a beautiful thing…” 

James D Google Review 

4. Brackenridge Total Financial Solutions

Brackenridge Total Financial Solutions Banner

Address:  2/2 Boundary Road, Hobsonville, Auckland 0616, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64 9 360 7138

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM 

Website:Brackenridge Total Financial Solutions

For any business facing financial change or aiming to boost its financial game, Rod and his team just might become the go-to.

We found a lot of people who teamed up with Rod from Brackenridge Total Financial Solutions in revamping their company’s finances. They said that right from the start, Rod meshed with their team, sharing insights and professionalism that truly stood out.

Many described his plans as game-changers to us, saying they covered everything. He handpicked strategies that not only saved their businesses in tough times but also paved the way for growth and profitability. 

Basically, he’s a good choice if you need an advisor to give your company a solid yet flexible financial backbone. We did get some people saying the pace felt hurried at times, but they still noted big gains from Rod’s work at the end of the day.


  • Strong financial foundation for businesses
  • Structured five-step method 
  • Excellent guidance 


  • Fast pace
  • A bit heavy on financial jargon

Customer Reviews 

Rod has been great at keeping in touch and managing communication

” Rod has managed my retirement scheme for over 20 years and in fact it was he who suggested I started contributing into it when I had my first full time job in the early 90s. Over that time I have watched the fund perform well and I am thankful that we decided on the asset allocation and fund type that we did – the performance has been stellar. Rod has been great at keeping in touch and managing communication regarding my investments and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering seeking sound financial advice – Rod is an expert at what he does. Jim Humphrey 13/09/16″ 

Jim Humphrey Google Review    

We completely trust Rod’s advice

” Rod has been advising us for over 15 years! He is great to deal with, he is always looking out for our changing needs and recommends what is best for us, even if this is not going to be good for his own pockets! Nothing is too much trouble for him. He is knowledgeable about what he does and a pleasure to deal with. We completely trust Rod’s advice. He is also excellent at following us up for reviews” 

Stephanie Hydes Google Review 

5. Imak Advice

Imak Advice's Banner

Address: Level 2/18 Garfield Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand

Contact Details: +6493079300

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 4:30 PM

Website: Imak Advice

The thought of financially planning for retirement is a bit daunting for most people, but Imak Advice’s former clients had nothing but good things to say about their retirement planning services.

The client told us that Stewart, one of the main advisors at Imak Advice, walked them through the whole process with such ease, crafting a retirement plan that was not only tailored to their financial needs but also aligned with what they wanted their future to look like. 

But it’s not just retiring they focus on. Based on our conversation with Imak Advice over the phone, they have an in-depth knowledge about overseas pensions and are able to seamlessly integrate this into any financial plan, ensuring not a penny of hard-earned money is left on the table.

However, do note if you do go with Stewart and his team, be ready to dig into some paperwork. Many we spoke to mentioned the sheer amount of paperwork involved initially is overwhelming. 


  • Knowledgeable advisor
  • Personalised plan
  • Overseas pension planning 


  • Overwhelming paperwork

Customer Reviews

Great communication skills and very easy to deal with

“Totally recommend Stewart and the Imak team to anybody. They provide everything needed to make the right choice for personal insurance and advice required. Great communication skills and very easy to deal with.”

Brenda King, Google Reviews

Good information, great recommendations, open communication 

“We would recommend Stewart Imrie and the IMac team to anybody. They provided everything we needed to make the right choice for our personal insurance needs. Good information, great recommendations, open communication and easy to deal with. No stress is what it all should be about. Thanks team IMac.”

Mark A Smith, Google Reviews