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The Top 5 Places for Laser Hair Removal in Auckland

The Top 5 Places for Laser Hair Removal in Auckland
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

We’ve all shaved our body hair and felt like a million bucks. Then, the stubble creeps back and it’s back to feeling like we’re from the bargain bin. 

If you’re sick of the struggle and those fancy electric razors that promise a close shave without irritation (lies!), there’s a simple solution: laser hair removal can take care of this problem in a potentially long-term way.

The only question left, of course, is where to get the procedure done. That’s where our team comes in.

Our staff – men included! – literally sacrificed weeks of hair growth to try out Auckland’s leading laser hair removal shops and find the best ones. At the end of it all, these are the ones we found most worthy of recommendation.

How much does laser hair removal in Auckland cost?

Laser hair removal in Auckland often costs at least 10 NZD. But depending on what part of the body you get laser hair removal for and if you get additional treatment, you can expect to the price to go up to 300 NZD (such as for delicate areas).  

How We Chose

Technology and Expertise: We prioritised clinics that use advanced laser hair removal technology, with experienced technicians who can safely and effectively perform treatments on various skin types and hair colours.
Treatment Options and Customisation: We looked for clinics offering a range of laser hair removal options to target different areas and address specific needs.
Reputation: We factored in positive client reviews and the overall reputation of the clinic.
Value for Money: We compared pricing structures and packages offered by different clinics, ensuring they provided good value for the technology, expertise, and service level.

1. Laser Clinics New Zealand – Sylvia Park

Laser Clinics New Zealand - Sylvia Park's Banner

Address: Shop S012, Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, 286 Mount Wellington Highway, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060, New Zealand

Contact Details:+6498844204

Operating Hours:

  • Saturday to Wednesday – 9 AM to 7 PM
  • Thursday & Friday – 9 AM to 9 PM


Sylvia Park Clinic has great people who are friendly and professional, patiently explaining the whole laser hair removal process during consultation.

A big plus is the fact that they use top-of-the-line technology—the Candela GentleLASE Pro and GentleYAG Pro. Knowing they’re TGA-approved and use Alexandrite lasers for optimal results instills confidence. 

Plus, the use of advanced cooling machines throughout the treatment is a lifesaver, minimising discomfort significantly.

Another thing we like is the variety of treatments. From the classic full legs and underarms to more targeted choices like the Hollywood Brazilian or male chest, they cater to most needs. 

Let’s not forget the lip and chin options for those pesky stray hairs! The fact that they offer cosmetic injections as well makes them a one-stop shop for aesthetics.

Now, for the not-so-rosy parts: you won’t be completely fuzz-free after the first visit. So you’ll have to keep coming back. You also have to be 18+ to book an appointment with them!


  • TGA approved
  • Advanced cooling machines
  • Variety of treatments


  • 18+ only

Customer Reviews

Excellent first time experience 

“First time experience at Sylvia park laser clinic. Sofie was treating me for a laser treatment and she was the bomb. Best experience I’ve had. I ended up booking 6 extra treatments. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Phyllyne Moerai, Google Review 

Fabulous and professional 

As usual, fantastic experience. I’ve been getting laser done here for years and have consistently received fabulous service – everyone is warm, chatty, and professional. Thanks to Sophie today who was lovely and did a really wonderful job!.”

Victoria Lowman, Google Review 

2. Monalisalaserclinic

Monalisalaserclinic's Banner

Address: 485 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64221072277

Operating Hours: 

  • Saturday, Tuesday to Thursday – 10 AM to 7 PM
  • Friday – 12 PM to 9 PM


MonaLisa uses medical-grade laser technology, and it shows. We’ve noticed a significant reduction in hair growth after just a few sessions.

Plus, the treatments themselves are surprisingly comfortable. Their laser specialists are pros at making you feel at ease, which is a huge deal when you’re pointing a laser at your neighbouring regions!

Another big plus is the free consultation. They take the time to understand your skin type, hair growth patterns, and desired outcome. This personalised approach ensures you’re getting the right treatment for the best results.

We also like how they have a whole suite of skin treatments, including the intriguing Aquapure II system. It’s a great option for anyone looking to tackle acne, pigmentation, or just give their skin a healthy glow.

The one thing we did have trouble with was booking appointments. Their online booking system isn’t the most user-friendly, and phone calls sometimes go unanswered.


  • Reduced hair growth
  • Comfortable treatments
  • Free consultation


  • Hard to book appointments

Customer Reviews

Smooth laser treatment

Recently, I had laser treatment with Mona, and I’m thrilled with the results! The process was smooth, and Mona was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. She made sure I felt comfortable throughout the treatment and provided helpful information every step of the way. I’m very satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend Mona’s services to anyone considering laser treatment.”

Nasim Kordestani, Google Review 

One of the best in the country

Wow! Blown away by Mona’s professionalism, understanding and knowledge around laser hair removal. I have tried many clinics and this is the first time it’s worked. I have only had three sessions and I have basically no more hair growth. My skin feels smooth and I’m so so thankful for Mona, she’s an amazing person and her clinic is clean with parking nearby. Highly recommend her as the best in the country!

Hayleigh Niterl Google Review 

3. The Cosmetic Clinic Newmarket

The Cosmetic Clinic Newmarket's Banner

Address: S219, Westfield Newmarket – 309, Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand

Contact Details:+6492205373

Operating Hours: 

  • Saturday, Monday to Wednesday – 9 AM to 7 PM
  • Thursday & Friday – 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Sunday – 10 AM to 7 PM


Cosmetic Clinic Newmarket has fancy, medical-grade lasers, which is a major draw as they can treat a wider range of skin tones and hair colours without risking burns or patchy results.

Their entire laser hair removal experience is personalized. Unfortunately, while the initial consultation was thorough, communication wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Once, we had to reschedule an appointment due to a conflict, and the process felt a bit clunky. We think a more user-friendly online system or app for appointment management would be best.

Despite this, after a few sessions (shoutout to their flexible package options that make it easier on the wallet), you’ll start noticing a significant reduction in hair growth. But some finer hairs did seem to persist for two of us, which they say can happen.

Anyway, another plus for The Cosmetic Clinic Newmarket is their financing options. They offer interest-free credit and Afterpay, which help spread out the cost and make it more manageable. Plus, their package deals provide some decent discounts.


  • Medical grade lasers
  • Personalised hair removal experience
  • Flexible payment options


  • Appointment rescheduling

Customer Reviews

Absolutely loved every single session

I paid for 6 treatments for three areas and now have 2 left. Prior to coming to The Cosmetic Clinic, I had gone to another clinic and had several laser treatments and had seen no change whatsoever and was sadly disappointed.I didn’t have much hope coming to The Cosmetic Clinic at first but was extremely amazed at the results after my very first treatment. The hair had not grown back at all after the first initial treatment right until my next one.I have absolutely loved every single session here as I have seen and experienced  fantastic results at great prices too.They have the most friendly and welcoming staff at New Market as I’m pretty sure I have been seen by most of the ladies here and all have been nothing but amazing! I highly recommend The Cosmetic Clinic,  particularly the New Market team.”

Jay Liverpool25, Google Review 

Relaxing and comfortable sessions 

I recently had my laser hair removal appointment with Nelly at Westfield Newmarket and I would highly recommend. She makes the sessions relaxed and comfortable, and I’m always welcomed with a friendly smile. She listens to your concerns and adjusts accordingly, such as increasing the cool shot when I couldn’t tolerate the heat from the laser!! My laser experience so far has been impressive but I still require more sessions, and I’d be happy to return to Nelly for my future sessions!!

Aimee Matthews, Google Review 

4. Beautilase

Beautilase's Banner

Address: 34 Target Road, Totara Vale, Auckland 0629, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64211694975

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday – 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Tuesday & Thursday – 9 AM to 8 PM
  • Friday – 9 AM to 4 PM
  • Saturday – 9 AM to 3 PM


Beautilase has a variety of services, but their laser hair removal is where it’s at. They have free consultations, which is a huge plus—especially for laser hair removal newbies, full of questions and anxieties.

Smita, the main aesthetician, is incredibly warm and knowledgeable. She patiently answers any question about the laser they use, the Splendour X. 

Unlike some one-size-fits-all laser clinics, Splendour X tailors treatments to your hair thickness. That means less laser power for finer hair and more laser power for thicker hair. This is great because it’s more effective in hair reduction and less likely to lead to burns.

One of the biggest draws of Beautilase (besides the lovely Smita) is its affordability. We like that Beautilase’s pricing falls on the more accessible side, which is fantastic, especially considering the technology they use.

Yes, the treatment itself does have minimal discomfort, but Smita constantly checks in to make sure you’re feeling okay. And she’ll give you great aftercare advice to keep your skin happy.

One thing we noted, though, is that while the location at Totara Vale is convenient for some, it might not be the most accessible for everyone in Auckland, especially those relying on public transport. 

Additionally, booking appointments can get tricky sometimes, so book weeks in advance.


  • Free consultation 
  • Topnotch Splendour X laser
  • Affordable 


  • Location
  • Appointment scheduling

Customer Reviews

Definitely worth the investment

I have PCOS and Smita has helped me so much in reducing the hair growth on my face. Honestly, I am glad I decided to choose her services because she’s very friendly and professional. Also prefer working with just one person instead of having multiple people treating you like in other clinics. I fully trust her and now that I’m nearly done with laser treatments on my face, I can’t wait to get treated on other areas of my body. P.s I drive almost an hour to her clinic everytime and no regrets. Definitely worth the investment!”

Finau Tee, Google Review 

Amazing therapist and incredible results 

Smita at Beautilase is absolutely amazing! I have gotten incredible results after just a few sessions. Smita is kind and professional, checking in throughout the session, while also explaining what she is doing. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to get laser hair removal!

Luisa Kristen, Google Review 

5. Oh So Smooth

Oh So Smooth's Banner

Address: 5/11 Arrenway Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand

Contact Details: +64212113627

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday – 10 AM to 7 PM
  • Friday – 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Saturday – 9 AM to 12 PM


This place has great aestheticians. One of our favourites, Mel, is friendly and knowledgeable, and puts you at ease right away (ask for her, you’ll see).

Plus, the clinic itself is clean, professional, and has a relaxing vibe. So, big thumbs up for the atmosphere and staff!

The first session went smoothly, and we hardly had any pain! But we noted that their laser hair removal doesn’t always work the first two sessions.

It wasn’t quite the “never-have-to-shave-again” dream several of us were hoping for when we signed up for this test. We needed touch-up shaves more often than we’d anticipated. 

To be fair, those of us with this problem all have lighter hair, which can be less responsive to laser treatment. Mel did explain this possibility during the consultation, so it wasn’t a surprise, but it’s definitely something to consider if you’re looking for permanent hair removal.


  • Friendly and knowledgeable aestheticians 
  • Relaxing atmosphere


  • Removal isn’t permanent for some

Customer Reviews

Mel knows what she’s doing 

I have been going to Mel from 6 months now for microneedling and laser hair removal. My skin has never looked better as the result of microneedling. Mel knows what she is doing and suggests you the best treatment for your concerns. I have had microneedling done before and results were no where close what Mel has been able to achieve. Highly highly recommended.

Deepinder Kaur, Google Review 

Love my skin transformation 

I’ve been going to Mel at Oh So Smooth for a couple of months now and am loving the transformation on my skin. Mel listens to my skin concerns and customizes procedures to my skin type, giving me amazing natural results! We’ve tested different products and found what works on my skin and I’m really stoked with the progress. I would recommend Mel to anyone looking to address skin concerns, she really cares, has great knowledge in all things skin and adds her personal touch! Thank you Mel 🙂

Delshad Sidhwa, Google Review