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Governments buying power to boost wider goals 

Governments buying power to boost wider goals 
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In a groundbreaking move, New Zealand is reshaping its approach to public spending through a comprehensive overhaul of government procurement rules.

These changes, unveiled by Economic Development Minister David Parker, are set to bolster the construction sector and mitigate carbon emissions within the public sector vehicle fleet. 

The significance lies in redirecting the government’s annual expenditure of $41 billion on goods and services – equivalent to 18% of the GDP – towards outcomes that extend beyond mere financial transactions.

The newly christened Government Procurement Rules signify a shift toward accountability and targeted results. 

Parker underscores the government’s commitment to fostering a low-carbon economy, inclusive growth, and overall prosperity. Specific outcomes have been prioritized, from achieving a net-zero emissions economy to enhancing construction skills and training, especially for contracts exceeding $9 million.

Central pillars of this transformative approach include addressing employment standards and safety concerns in critical sectors such as cleaning, security, and forestry, along with fostering access for small to medium businesses. 

Effective from October 1, this groundbreaking initiative signifies New Zealand’s bold stride towards purposeful public spending aligned with broader societal and environmental goals.