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What kind of weirdo reads the disclosure page? Our kind of weirdo! (We read them too!)

So here’s our disclosure: Auckland Magazine is 100% supported by its readers. This means that we never accept money in exchange for our reviews. Ever. To keep our site up and the roof over our heads, we rely on affiliate links to earn money. The way this works is that if you buy a product or service through a link in one of our reviews, we earn a small commission from the seller. 

Our writers and editors work hard to provide you with content that will help you make the purchasing decisions that are worth your time and money. Sometimes, there may be differences between the information in our reviews versus the information on vendor sites. If you find information that needs to be updated or corrected, feel free to hit us up through our contact form or via email at [email protected]

If you have any feedback or ideas for how we can improve our services for you, we would love to hear them.

One last thing: all products and services in our reviews are presented without warranty.