Rize, a fashion-based social enterprise launches with a mission to help emerging designers from around the world.

Announcing the launch of Rize (https://rize.fashion) – an online marketplace to help fashion lovers discover a new world of exciting and little-known fashion brands from around the globe.

The platform brings together a growing, curated list of emerging designers from countries like Mexico, the US, Spain, Iceland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia, Ireland, the UK, Bali, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand – including a French startup who produce sneakers with soles made from recycled car tyres.

Through supporting young and emerging independent designers, Rize hopes to help play a part in keeping the fashion industry fresh and revitalised. With plans to develop strong relationships with design schools around the world to help students with aspirations of starting their own label.

Rize provides an easy to use platform for emerging brands to reach and sell to a global audience. “We wanted to help designers reap the reward for their passion and hard work and provide a simple, cost effective direct-to-consumer channel and allow smaller brands an easier route to global markets” says Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Saunders.

“We also feel there’s a real consumer appetite for more unique and less mass-produced, fast fashion. Consumers are increasingly interested in a more meaningful connection to the clothes they buy, who made them and their stories. And we love the diversity of it. Diversity in fashion can mean lots of things but to Rize, we love the exchange between designers and customers from different cultures and the opportunity for designers to express different ideas that aren’t dictated or filtered out by global research reports, trends and colour schemes.”

As Co-Founder Louise Saunders explains, “Our eyes were opened to the opportunity for Rize on a trip to Asia. We realised that the fashion giants are doing to the world what the fast food giants have done. The world’s high streets are becoming increasingly homogonised and dominated by a handful of global brands that all look kind of the same.”

“The smaller, local boutique brands are there but hidden away down little side streets, only to be discovered if you’re physically there. We wanted to change that and create better access to these brands.”

With a background in the branding and visual communication industry that began in the early 90s, Jason adds “design for me has always been about trying to improve things and make a difference. Rize is a new challenge — a new passion and reason to jump out of bed in the morning. Something that could be helpful in a bigger, more impactful way.”

“As fashion industry newbies, we’ve had to learn fast to understand the issues designers face but in some ways it may have helped us to think about the industry in a different way — seeing a different perspective and a unique opportunity to make a real difference.”

As the platform grows, Rize hopes to become a gateway for a new generation of designers looking to make their mark in a highly competitive industry.


Daniel Rolph



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