REVIEW: Ruby Esther - A Rube Awakening at NZ International Comedy Festival.

With her quirky charm and quick-witted banter Ruby Esther brought in the lol’s at the NZ International Comedy Festival with her new sketch ‘A Rube Awakening’.

From the get go, Esther had us reaching for the tissues, her entrance was awkward yet hilarious and was even more so the third time around. Even after losing her voice, Esther still delivered with great gags, side-splitting one liners and all round amusing storytelling.

There is no denying that Esther is a master of her trade, but she is also quite the wordsmith and a musician. Her witty songs about liking boys, being humble and anxiety accompanied by her trusty ukulele, were not only comedy gold but were also foot tappingly good, and were made even more comedic as she struggled to hit those high notes due to her lack of voice. Just imagine Phoebe from friends when she gets a cold and develops a sexy singing voice.

Even though she glazed over some touchy topics, she somehow made it relatable yet funny by bringing it back to her own experiences. Her wacky noises and eccentric gestures were to blame for the mascara mishaps of the night, while her confident delivery had us hook, line and sinker.

“I haven’t quite worked out my transition, so clap” she said, and that’s exactly what we did. It was like we were under her comedic spell, as she commanded the stage, she had the audience eating out the palm of her hand.

Her energy was contagious and your guaranteed to leave feeling slightly giddy and with a whole new perspective of the world.

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