REVIEW: Rhiannon McCall – Eat Slay Love at NZ International Comedy Festival

You may remember Rhiannon McCall from last year’s NZ International Comedy Festival, where she paired up with Brynley Stent to talk about sex education in their hit show “Why does this feel so good?” Well she’s back this year with her brand new solo work ‘Eat Slay Love’, but this time she is talking about health and happiness and how to accomplish it.

‘Eat Slay Love’ is the ultimate parody of a self-help show. McCall takes on the role of divorced Ponsonby Mum turned lifestyle guru Dr. Rhirhi. A highly relatable topic of health and happiness had us drawn in from the get go, as nowadays we are all trying to strive for pure happiness and Dr. Rhirhi was going to show us how… or so we thought.

McCalls energy throughout the show is contagious and her over-the-top nature of her performance leaves the audience in hysterics and her ability to take the mickey out of herself leaves even more of an impression.

Jam Packed with highs and lows, from emotional breakdowns, mirror dancing to Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself, mourning a beloved pup and an obsession with Michele Obama, you’re left not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Let’s just say there were plenty of laughter provoked tears.

Audience participation plays a big part in the show and no back row seat can save you from partaking. Expect everything from dishing out compliments, caressing body parts and singing the saddest song in the history of songs, Eric Clapton’s ‘Tears in Heaven’.

Although there were times were you laughed purely because of the cringe factor, but McCall would always reel it back in with her witty one liners and slapstick humour. Her barnet was comedy gold, while her facial expressions were side-splittingly funny, especially when downing a mimosa or two, oh, who are we kidding more like 5.

The show was short but sweet, and if there is one thing we learnt is to not take yourself too seriously. McCall certainly didn’t, and perhaps that’s why there were plenty of teary mascara mishaps on the night and I’m not just talking about her own.

The title ‘Eat, Slay, Love’ was accurate. We felt the love in the room and McCall certainly did slay! You go girl!

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