REVIEW: Frickin Dangerous Bro – Legacy at NZ International Comedy Festival

After a smash season at last years NZ International Comedy Festival and just missing out on the Fred Award– renowned sketch group Frickin Dangerous Bro have returned to prove their worth with their new sketch ‘Legacy’.

The comedy trio, Jamaine Ross, James Roque and Pax Assadi hit rock bottom after their loss last year, but the boys  jumped back on the gruelling path to redemption in order to cement their ‘Legacy’ and we got to witness their return to glory last night, and boy did they return with a bang.

First off, let’s just state it was a Tuesday night at 10pm, and I don’t want to sound like a grandma, but quite frankly it was past my bedtime for a school night. The yawns were kicking in and I needed something hysterical to stop me from snoozing. Thankfully, there was no nodding off with Frickin Dangerous Bro around, they made sure of that!

Their free-flowing style was extremely inviting and it felt like we were at a bar with a bunch of mates, dishing out banter left, right and centre. It was great to see how they bounce off one another and how a new joke idea would form just from them taking the mickey out of one another.

Their hour-long show had us engaged from start to finish and their boyish charm was contagious. The way they weave in and out of improvised comedy and their rehearsed sketches with such ease, there is no doubt that they are masters of their trade.

Even in their sketches, there are moments when one of them will interject with a witty comment and then they’ll go off on a comical tangent and would quickly compose themselves and return to the sketch. It was frantic, but it worked. And actually, it was these random spurts of improvisation that was pure comedy gold.

Majority of their sketches were heavily based on race, but you can also expect undercover feminists, a futuristic grandpa and a 4-year old who knows how to kick butt.

Well guys, that was frickin awesome bro! You certainly redeemed yourself and your legacy will be remembered…

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