R.M.Williams presents Undeniable Character with Hugh Jackman

R.M.Williams has today unveiled its latest advertising campaign and global brand platform, Undeniable Character. The face of the campaign is the brand’s global boots ambassador, Hugh Jackman.

Launching across Australia, the US, UK and New Zealand, the Undeniable Character campaign portrays a journey in R.M.Williams boots walking through a range of locations and terrains, as a voice discusses the number of steps that the average person takes throughout their lifetime – 216,262,500.

The film comes to an end with Hugh revealing himself as the man behind the narration as he walks on to a theatre stage, closing the film by saying “It’s not the number of steps that matter. It’s where they take you.”

In addition to the digital film, Jackman will be promoting his role as R.M.Williams global boots ambassador and face of the Undeniable Character across his social channels, in outdoor advertising, across digital media, PR and through his image featuring on R.M.Williams store fronts in Australia, the US, UK and New Zealand.

Commenting on the campaign, Hugh said, “Undeniable Character, to me, is all about having grit, tenacity, determination and a pioneering spirit – and it’s all of those things that you get a sense of when you pull on a pair of R.M.Williams boots. It’s time for people across the world to share that experience.”

“R.M.Williams boots are synonymous with being Australian. The ethos, care, and level of attention that goes in to every pair of boots is incredible, and I’m thrilled to be able to use my platform to take the boots that I’ve been wearing since I was a teenager to the world.”

R.M.Williams’ Chief Marketing Officer, Mat Hayward, added, “Undeniable Character epitomizes what the R.M.Wiliams brand is, and perfectly encapsulates the spirit of R.M. himself. When looking for someone to represent Undeniable Character, there was no looking past Hugh and we’re thrilled to have him on-board to share our story and our boots with the world.”

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  1. How to start from the ground and learn the ropes of acting, involving not alwayz being happy, being taken outside your comfort zone and put into some positions that challenge your morals. you have no family or friends to turn to, you are surrounded by actors that are not working in your best interest but rather against the tide of ok. You learn some very important life skills that you otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn. You learn how to see things from another perspective and a new way of dealing with issues, you look at the stars accomplishing everything they could possibly dream of and more, but at this stage you have accept that your not quite there and reassure yourself, one day that will be me!! Crushing knowing that who ever took a birds eye view of my family portrayed it so terribly, but what it mad me do is look back and only see the good and value my privileged time as a child. I learned to look a little deeper and see the light in every negative there is something to learn, I believe in living through hard times and never taking the easy road out, your better to face the beautiful music than to run, in the end it makes you a stronger person. Alot of amazing beautiful music was created during my time, teaching me and leading me, to try something new, I played toyed flirted with fitness choreography and some funky, funky beatz and listen and play with all types of music. I have meet some amazing creative people, I love them all so much I could never choose, or single out but one, just so grateful for the love everyone has shown me, sadness is when opportunities come and for some sad reason you let them go, I got and was treated as I deserved, Thankyou all!! Love, be safe on your travells!!

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