Ipswich Hospital blackout caused by faulty battery

A faulty battery led to a back-up generator failing to kick in when a hospital lost power in a UK-wide power outage, it's been revealed.

When two power channels became disconnected in the National Grid past Friday, electricity was cut to areas including Ipswich Hospital due to the loss of electricity nationwide.

The hospital generator should have been turned on by a battery-powered switch.

The battery, despite being analyzed a few days earlier, failed.

Ipswich Hospital Trust managing director Neill Moloney explained:"It had been only a few days before that we analyzed the battery and it had been working.

"So it came as a bit of a surprise. We were really satisfied with the way where the team responded."

Power failures were reported across large areas of the UK on Friday, impacting homes and transportation networks.

BBC journalist Vikki Irwin told her mom was on a scanner's hydraulic elevator at the time.

She explained:"They said the electricity had gone out throughout the site.

"Lots of parts of the hospital were completely dark. We needed to get my mum down manually."

--First posted on BBC Health

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