How an Auckland company is solving the world's air pollution health problems

Auckland based start-up Healthy Breath Ltd set out to do one thing in early 2017 with the launch of their new MEO air filtration save lives worldwide. Air pollution is cited as the leading cause of over 6 million of deaths per year in Asia alone, a figure that is unfortunately growing. One year on, the company takes a retrospective look at the strides they've made on a worldwide stage in the battle against air pollution,

"We scrutinised every mask available in the market, with the sole aim of providing an unparalleled alternative that would be superior quality and value for our wearers" says Healthy Breath owner David Gao. " Furthermore, we wanted to celebrate New Zealand technology with our award winning Helix filter created here by Lanaco for Meo, its a game changer and its been Meo's cornerstone ever since ".

The unique Helix filter mentioned is made in New Zealand from sheep that have been specifically bred to produce a unique grade of wool fibre. This fibre provides a high level of protection from pollutants, bacteria, viruses and airborne particles as a result making it perfect for air filtration products.


"A uniquely New Zealand made product, that isn't becoming part of the problem it is setting out to solve" says Gao.


Furthermore the company has built a strong social media presence, with local and international influencers including Carmen Huter, Ryan Kolton and famed India based blogger Glossypolish added to the mix to help spread their message. "Its so important for brands to champion issues that are important on a social level, we love the fact that Meo is creating a story that isn't purely to promote their product, but also to make a younger generation aware of the issues they face in terms of the environment and wellbeing", adds Kris Lal Director of,
And the 'social' generation has seemingly responded, with over 8000 fans and followers, the company's Instagram is one of the most followed anti-pollution mask themed offerings on the platform.


"We're unique in the sense that we're not just about selling a product , we're really promoting a message, using these influencers means we can speak volumes through content as opposed to rhetoric, the way forward is engagement and understanding, why should we be protected against air-pollution and how are we going to do this" adds Gao.


Going forward the business looks forward to expanding their current range which includes the newly introduced MEO X children's and adults disposable masks which at a super affordable $4.00 NZD means protection is well within reach at any budget. "We have a range of masks suitable for different markets and consumers, we're proud of our selection but are even more excited to announce future additions" he adds.


If the current range is anything to go by, we'll be just as excited to see what else the innovative start up has lined up in its trajectory.
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