Holly Estelle's Top Fashion Picks This Winter

I try not to let the weather dictate all that I wear as the seasons change. I let the seasonal changes motivate me into giving new styles, colours and textures a go - experimenting with my style.

Holly Estelle
Holly Estelle

I often refer to the seasons as the planet's own sense of style. Summer and spring, with the bright blues of the oceans and the fresh greens of the trees, while autumn and winter switch up the colour palettes to the rich browns of our landscapes and the crisp white snowy peaks. In the world of fashion and designers, I look forward to seeing how they switch into a new season.

Three New Zealand designers who are integrating the seasons into their collections are Ketz-ke, LEO+BE and Loobie’s Story.



IG: @ketzke


These golden frilled pants are perfect for autumn. Worn with boots or sneakers they are easily dressed up or down making them a functional multi season pant for the work day or an evening out. Transition into winter by bringing through the yellow hues of summer with golden colours like this.


An autumn/winter staple, the high neck knit is an essential layering piece. Add a few to your wardrobe in the basic neutral colour tones. Worn on their own during autumn with a light weight scarf, or under a blazer or thick coat in winter, they elongate the body creating an elegant look. I like to wear a a pair of statement earrings with a high neck.



IG: @leoandbe


Although we often have beautiful blue sky days during the colder months, the dreary rainy ones are tough. I like to combat these days by mixing in fun patterns and textures into or onto my outfits. Be bold, and clash patterns across different pieces in one outfit or feature one piece with a bold pattern and layer neutral tones around it.

Loobie’s Story


IG: @loobiesstory

loobie's story

Loobie’s Story celebrate the art of creative layering. Their collections weave in a range of knits with an unusual feature like this lace up knit, or throws with cuts that can be worn by themselves or over another knit during the colder months. Their trademark scarves and neck throws are designed for fun, functionality, and can be styled into an outfit with a toss or a wrap - just experiment! 

Written by Holly Estelle (Guest writer) - https://www.instagram.com/holly.estelle/

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