HelloFresh - Healthy & Hearty Meals Delivered Straight to your Door

Nowadays it’s super easy to get fresh, healthy produce delivered straight to your door. No more wondering around the supermarket like a lost puppy, contemplating what you’re going to have for dinner, whilst your belly growls at you from below. All that you need to do today is go online choose your weekly meal plan and then walk to your front door to pick it up - minimal effort needed. 

I find because I’m super busy during the week and I don’t drive, I make any excuse not to go to the supermarket, which means that I often eat out (super expensive) or I end up eating some gone off bok choy and frozen dumplings, purely because that’s all that is left in my fridge. So, you’ll be pleased to hear I jumped at the chance to try HelloFresh

Not only is HelloFresh super convenient, but their recipes are also incredibly easy to follow. So if like me, you’re not quite the chef, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. The recipes may be simple, but the food is anything but, from Parmesan & Mustard-Crusted Chicken with Roast Veggies to Mexican burrito bowls, the dishes are flavoursome and full of fresh ingredients

Whether you’re a meat or a veggie lover, HelloFresh has plenty of meal packages to choose from. With 8 meals to pick from, I opted for the mix, where I was able to choose 3 meat dishes and 2 veggies dishes. You can also order a family pack, which feeds up to 4 people for 5 meals of the week. 

HelloFresh offers so much variety, I haven’t eaten the same meal once since receiving their packages and I’m always so excited to try something new in the next package. Gone are the days of eating leftovers from the fridge or breaking the bank to eat out every night (Thank god) 

The best part is you get to keep the recipes for future use, and are able to skip weeks if you don’t need your meal plan that week. You can also cancel at anytime, so you’re not locked into weekly payments. 

So, if you’re bored of your evening meals and want to add some shazam to your dinner, then remember HelloFresh are only a click away and can deliver healthy bundles of joy straight to your door.

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