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Live Stop Smoking Event - Become a Non-Smoker in 2 Hours

May 26 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm NZST

Hypnosis is the Most Effective way to Quit Smoking.

Our Stop Smoking Programme works. Come to this one session and walk out a non -smoker. The success rate is much higher than quit smoking medication and much more effective than using pure willpower alone. 

This event is for people who really want to quit

Using hypnosis to stop smoking, works in over 90% of people who really want to stop.

Our programme is so effective, that for most smokers, one session is all it takes to quit smoking successfully. But if you need more than one session, this is provided free (for up to one year afterwards).

This two hour interactive hypnosis event uses the most up to date hypnotherapy techniques which allows people to become non-smokers, with no cravings, or withdrawal symptoms.

You will learn how to stay a non-smoker, even when under stress or when you are around smokers.


  • It is easy to quit smoking if you are shown in the right way.

  • You can quit just like that, and without any side effects.

  • Quitting will save you thousands of dollars, add years to your life, add life to your years, and give you a wonderful sense of achievement.

  • Hypnosis is safe, quick, and cheap.

  • Smoking poisons the body.

  • You need your body to live.

  • You should respect your body and protect it. 

The seminar location is in or near Wattle Downs, Manurewa area (the address will be confirmed once we have final numbers). Please email Shanti if you have any questions: yogawabisabiauckland@gmail.com

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel the seminar, a full refund will be made immediately.

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