Cuomo Suggests Trump Sleeps Well At Night Because He Doesn’t Care About Murdered Americans

CNN’s Chris Cuomo proposed Tuesday day that President Donald Trump sleeps well because he “doesn’t care” concerning problems in America, such as the deaths of American troops, mass shooting victims and “kids in cages. ”

A reporter told Trump on Tuesday “the present Chinese military position in the South China Sea in the Pacific region” could take out U.S. foundations within hours. The reporter asked Trump whether this understanding keeps him up at night, and Trump responded “nothing” keeps him up at night, MRC NewsBusters reported.

“Imagine sleeping at night or sleeping easily -- nothing keeping you up -- if people are dying if they shouldn’t,” Cuomo said on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time. Countless innocents murdered in mass shootings in your watch. I’m not arguing he’s to blame. Even the murderers, the murderers keep that burden. ”

“But imagine being him and having the capability to do anything about it and doing nothing. How would you sleep? Children in cages at your control, calling for raids that leave families yelling in the streets. ”

Cuomo went on to mention the deaths of soldiers, suggesting Trump doesn’t eliminate sleep over them. (RELATED: ‘I Am Sick Of Jake Tapper’s S**t’: Here’s Why Linda Sarsour Called Out A CNN Host)

“Now, if not them, then surely someone such as Pfc. Brandon Kreischer or Spc. Michael Nance, they need to be worth quitting sleep,” Cuomo stated . “Paratroopers dying in battle in Afghanistan under a month past. This president has just seen once, but shouldn’t that see his sleep each night? Shouldn’t he process that pain and lose sleep? Isn’t that exactly what the occupation is about? ”

The CNN host also dinged Trump for his physical appearance, alleging the president doesn’t look weathered enough. Cuomo mentioned how “Clinton’s hair went white,” “George W. Bush seems like he got a beat-down,” and how “Obama looks like his own grandfather. ” He then said Trump “looks precisely the same,” and indicated that perhaps he has had work done.

“It could also be that he doesn’t attention the way others possess,” he said.

The White House did not immediately respond to this Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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