Confessions of a (first time) speed dater - The trials and tribulations

Speed Dating Auckland

With technologies like Tinder and Bumble out there where you can actually just casually swipe left or right to find ‘the one’ in the comfort of your PJ’s, hair tied in a scrunchie and a takeaway pizza to keep you company, I know what you’re thinking... Why the hell would you want to actually come face to face with them? Well guys, the truth is, it actually gets pretty BORING forming relationships with your screen and I am someone who needs that human connection.

So, without further ado… I dumped tinder (for the night) and headed out to my very first (and possibly last) speed dating event, hosted by Burger Burger. There was something extremely exhilarating about getting dolled up to the nines to meet a bunch of randoms, but was I scared? Hell yes! As my uber driver bid me farewell, with a slight smirk on his face may I add, I hopped out of the car and was welcomed by a line of potential suitors. We were then separated into two lines and the females of the group were given a letter, while the males were allocated a number.

Confessions of a (first time) speed dater - The trials and tribulations 1
Speed Dating Auckland

Now, how I thought speed dating worked was you sat down at separate tables and then the gentlemen would make their way around one by one. You would then be allocated a certain amount of time to quickly get to know this person. Well, boy did I get a surprise when we entered the Glasshouse in Morningside, where there were no tables in site. But, I guess that’s hard to achieve with over 300 people, right? Oh … did I forget to mention, yes there were 300 PEOPLE at this event! That’s almost the equivalent of swiping on tinder for 2 hours!

So how did it work?  All of the letters (the girls) were assigned to a particular number (the boys) and that’s the section you would head to first. There was no singular guy to talk to, but instead about 10. Some would say this is the dream, but it was brutal to say the least. I almost felt like you had to fight for your chance to talk to someone; just as you spot that hot guy in amongst the bunch and you wade through the crowd.. DING DING DING… the 10 minute buzzer goes off instructing you to move to the next round and off you go hoping you’d spot them again later in the night.

Although, on the plus side there was free-flowing alcohol all night long to give you that much needed Dutch courage. A few rounds in and my confidence picked up, (it was probably the alcohol talking), but instead of just making new gal pals, I started to get into my groove and met a few cuties! Result! We exchanged numbers and moved onto the next.

Confessions of a (first time) speed dater - The trials and tribulations 2
Speed Dating Auckland

But that’s exactly where the problem lies, you move onto the next so quickly that it feels like you’re being snatched of the chance to truly get to know that person. But, I guess what they say is true, you don’t want to put your eggs into one basket. And I was certainly trying to fill my basket to the brim. Note, the key word there is ‘trying’ and hopelessly failing.

With the night drawing to an end, my basket was looking pretty empty. So, I ended my night as I started it, my face in an aperol spritz and a lonely uber ride home. I guess it’s back to the drawing board, or should I say screen.

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