Auckland's Top 5 Running Tracks near the CBD

Fed up of constantly being stopped by traffic lights, getting distracted by delicious food and nearly wiping out an entire group of shoppers, when on your morning jog through the CBD? Well, we'll let you in on a little secret... Auckland actually has way more secluded running spots than you think and all of them our centrally located, so no need to change your morning routine. So, put on your running shoes and check out our top 5 inner-city tracks this weekend…

One Tree Hill

Auckland's Top 5 Running Tracks near the CBD 1

Think green, more green and more green! One Tree Hill is a runners paradise, with an abundance of space for you to stretch your legs. Be warned, the track can be quite steep, so if you’re feeling daring make your way up the 82-metre volcanic peak. If you’re after something a little more flat, then venture into the park below and run either on the grass or the pathway alongside the road. Take a quick pit stop at Cornwall Park Cafe before setting off again, or end your run at the cafe so you can treat yourself to a tasty well-deserved snack. Whether you opt for a 5.5km trail run or a longer 10k park run, One Tree Hill will certainly make you feel on top of your game and the best part is you’re surrounded by nature to spur you on.

Orakei Basin

Auckland's Top 5 Running Tracks near the CBD 2

This track is perfect if you’re new to running and don’t want to venture to far from the CBD. The 3km walkway will allow you to not only take things easy, but also take in the stunning views of the harbour. Once you’ve got into the swing of things, then you can easily extend your run further through the walkway alternative track, which takes you through tree lined streets, past Benson Road Deli before and ending back at your start point at Upland road. Kickstart your running journey with this simple track, and if you need to take a rest then at least you’ve got some insta worthy views to snap.

Tamaki Drive

Auckland's Top 5 Running Tracks near the CBD 3

Now, if you’ve just completed Round the Bays, then you should be familiar with Tamaki Drive. This 8.4k run is great for clearing away those cobwebs on a Saturday morning. The views of the skyline are more likely to take your breath away than the run itself as the track is mostly flat, allowing you to cruise along taking in the coastal scenery. Start near the ferry terminal and make your way down Quay street towards Tamaki Drive and if you need to take a pit stop, then we suggest stopping at Archilles Point to catch your breath. Finish in St Heliers, where you can treat yourself to a spot of lunch or if you’re feeling brave enough turn around and run back to the city.

Mount Eden

Auckland's Top 5 Running Tracks near the CBD 4

Mount Eden is one of Auckland’s most popular running tracks as there is something for everyone. If you want to challenge yourself then the dormant volcano awaits, run to the top of the peak to see the outstanding views of the city and Hauraki Gulf, trust us it’s worth it! If it’s more of a gentle jog that you’re after then take to one of the mounts other tracks and admire the view from afar. It’s crazy to think that this route is only 4km from the CBD! Mount Eden village will greet you at the bottom and is home to a variety of eateries and bars, it’s the perfect time to meet your pals for a well-deserved drink.

Auckland Domain

Auckland's Top 5 Running Tracks near the CBD 5

The Auckland Domain is one of the city's biggest parks, therefore it provides a variety of thrilling terrains for you to navigate around. From running laps around the War Memorial Museum to chasing your running buddy through lovers lane, Auckland Domain really does have it all. In fact, you could run the park thousands of times and still never get bored of your surroundings. If you want to do a steady comfortable run then do a loop of the park, which is around 5k, but remember there are 185 acres to be explored!

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