Auckland’s Best Hot Cross Buns and where to find them

It wouldn’t be Easter without some good old fashioned hot cross buns. The bundles of joy, made from fluffy dough and a variety of spices and currants capture our hearts each year over the Easter period and are simply too good to resist. Whether you’re after a morning treat, late afternoon snack or even a pre-dinner munch, hot cross buns are there to be eaten at anytime of the day. It’s that time of year where every eatery in town is serving up their take on the warm buttery treats, and we thought we’d dish out our favourites…

So, without further ado, dig in to our favourite hot cross buns in Auckland.

Daily Bread

Auckland’s Best Hot Cross Buns and where to find them 1

This point chev bakery is not only known for their organic or spray free NZ wheat, but also for serving up some of the best hot cross buns in town! Made from sourdough, the buns are soft and spongy on the inside yet crispy on the outside, adding that crunch with every bite. Jam packed with a variety of spices, dried fruit and topped with the perfect amount of sweet glaze, the bundles of joy will leave you wanting more with every mouthful. Served best toasted with a helping of butter and washed down with a good old cuppa. Although the much-loved eatery wips up buns by the dozen, be sure to get in there quick as they are guaranteed to sell fast.

Bread and Butter

Auckland’s Best Hot Cross Buns and where to find them 2

Get your hot cross bun fix here! As their name suggests Bread and Butter bakery and cafe specialise in making some of Auckland’s best doughy treats. They focus on traditional European and naturally leavened sourdough breads, made from 100%  organic ingredients, so you can enjoy your little morsels totally guilt free! The slowly fermented sourdough blended with buttermilk, makes for a light and fluffy centre, while the spiced syrup glaze is the icing on the cake (literally).

The Caker

Auckland’s Best Hot Cross Buns and where to find them 3

If you haven’t sunk your teeth into the Cakers beautifully delicious baked goods before then you’ve been missing out. This intricate bakery not only wips up the most alluring designs, but they taste incredible too! Last year, owner Jordan Rondel brought her hot cross bun cake to life, made with currants, pecan nuts, orange peel and cinnamon and topped off with a fluffy cream cheese icing -  let’s just say it went down a treat. So, we were glad to hear that she has brought it back this year just in time for Easter. Now, if you can’t quite devour a whole cake (and why the hell not?!) then there are also hot cross bun minicakes available. Rondels take on the Easter delicacy is made with chocolate chunks, currants, candied orange and topped with a cinnamon-laced cream cheese icing - sounds like a dessert made in heaven to me!

Ima Cuisine

Auckland’s Best Hot Cross Buns and where to find them 4

If you haven’t ordered your hot cross buns yet, then never fear,  there is still time as Ima Cuisine are still taking online orders up until the 18th April, but first let me tell you about their buns. They’re dense, jam-packed with flavour and are certainly not your ordinary HXB. If you love custard then you’ll love these treats. A layer of custard is used to form the well-known cross on top of the bun, so get yours hot and toasted and taste the benefits as the custard oozes into your mouth. YUM!


Auckland’s Best Hot Cross Buns and where to find them 5

If there is one place that knows how to whip up the ultimate dessert, it’s Miann! The luxury dessert restaurant is a sweet-toothed lovers dream and their hot cross bun game is no different. They’ve taken the traditional HXB and given it a modern twist, by adding chunks of handcrafted chocolate to the mix. The bun itself is a pillowy dream and is complimented by the crunch of the heavenly chocolate chunks. Take things up a notch and instead of butter, opt for a scoop of chocolate gelato - trust me you won’t regret it! So, with that in mind, don't forget to swing by and get your HXB fix fresh from the oven!

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