5 Best Dumpling Joints in Auckland

Dumplings, need we say anymore! Auckland is home to some of the greatest dumpling joints. Whether you like your bundles of joy crispy and fried or soft and doughy, the city of sails has got it all! With so much to choose from we've sunk our teeth into some of Auckland's best dumpling delights just for you and here they are... (you can thank us later)

Sumthin Dumplin - CBD

5 Best Dumpling Joints in Auckland 1

Tucked away on O’Connell Street, there’s no missing this dumpling joint as Sumthin Dumplin has got to be up there with the best dumplings in town. Their perfectly packaged treats come in a selection of flavours and trust me they’re not your ordinary dumpling filling. A much-loved favourite being the Beef & Cheese, which is inspired by New Zealand’s love for meat and cheese pies – picture this, premium beef, onion and a blend of mozzarella and parmesan all in one crispy bundle. Don’t worry you won’t be getting one measly dumpling, these bad boys come in batches of 6 or 10. With 4 other flavours to choose from and a variety of dipping sauces, you’re spoilt for choice!

XuXu Dumpling Bar - CBD

5 Best Dumpling Joints in Auckland 2

Now, if you really love dumplings and as you’re here reading this article, I presume you do… XuXu dumpling bar is the perfect place for some dumpling indulging. This inner-city spot has a variety of delicious bundles to choose from, so pick and choose from beef & pickled radish, Pork and shrimp, chicken, tofu, fish and even roast duck with hoisin dipping sauce! Before you get carried away, these little bundles of joy also come in the sweet variety too, so make sure you save some room for some banoffee dumplings, oozing with salted caramel and bananary goodness! YUM!

Barilla dumpling - Balmoral

5 Best Dumpling Joints in Auckland 3

If you’re a dumpling fanatic like me and you won’t think twice about demolishing a plate of 20 dumplings to yourself, then Barilla is the spot for you. The Dominion Road joint has an array of flavours on offer that will leave your mouth watering and taste buds tingling. The best part is you can stuff your face full of dumplings for just $14! Its cheap, cheerful and cooks up some of the best dumplings in town! So, whether you want your's served steamed or fried, you are guaranteed to be left satisfied at Barilla.

Gyoza bar - Ponsonby

5 Best Dumpling Joints in Auckland 4

Now if you can’t decide between fried or steamed dumplings then Ponsonby’s Gyoza Bar dishes up both at the same time. The japanese style dumpling, gyoza, is made from a thinner layer of dough, and the bottom is fried while the top is steamed. It’s a winning combination, both crispy yet fluffy and will certainly deliver that melt in your mouth feeling. A must try is the Cheese Gyoza, filled with gooey mozzarella, mashed potatoes and mayo and if you’re feeling extra hungry opt for one of the gyoza platters!

Mr Zhou’s Dumplings

5 Best Dumpling Joints in Auckland 5

Mr Zhou certainly knows how to cook up some of the tastiest Dumplings in town! In fact, there are 24 different options to choose from and they’re super cheap at just $13 for a whopping 20 pieces. If 20 is too much, (surely not) then never fear you can order half the amount for half the price. We suggest trying the dumplings in a flavoursome broth for the ultimate filling dish and if you’re wanting to indulge in the delicious morsels in the comfort of your own home, then it’s your lucky day - you can buy frozen dumplings, which means dumplings for days!

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